Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smith Rock SP

Lovin' our time here at Smith Rock...

Taking in the smells and scenes along the roads of Central Oregon from the seat of a motorcycle.

A visit to Painted Hills... not Painted Canyon or Painted Rocks, both to which we've been, but... Painted Hills.

A stop at the Crooked River Canyon. 
 (this is the same river canyon that is out our back door... just several miles down stream.)

A surprise visit to a dear friend from a long time ago...

Cove Palisades SP is just 20 miles from Smith Rock SP, and hosting there is Dave and Heather with Pug, Dizzy.  If you followed our blog when we hosted at Carl Washburne SP last Summer, you may remember Dave and Heather... but you should definitely remember DIZZY!  We doggy-sat Dizzy on several occasions while there.  And I was in need of a DIZZY fix!  So we made an unplanned visit to their site and found them home.  It was great to see them again and Dizzy remembered us!

But we don't have to go anywhere to enjoy each day. 

Back at "home"... we enjoy the wildlife

We watch Rock Climbers from our back yard

We shared in a birthday get-together with our neighbor hosts...
Dale celebrated his 76th birthday last week.

 Our job isnt even that bad...

That's not all... but it must be all for now.  Time for bed!

Take Care all of you!