Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What ever happened to Jeff & Sheryl Bright?

NOT that ANYONE has asked... but I'm telling you anyway!

It's been over ONE YEAR since I posted on our blog.  The longer I waited, the more difficult it was  to get caught up... until eventually I just forgot about the blog all together!  How and Where have all of you been?  I guess I better look!

As for us... Our past year...

We worked at Bell Haven Resort for our 6 months which ended the end of September 2014.  It was a wonderful workamping gig... full of interesting, fun and even some challenging experiences.

A shot with an actor

Actor and family brought some wonderful help

Even had a beautiful and fun Wedding held at the resort

 Jeff was able to enjoy time with both his boys while we were there.  This was Jacob's time.
Jonathan's visit was in an earlier post.

In August, my parents had moved in to an Assisted Living Facility because my Dad was needing more help than my Mom could provide by herself.

 So when our time was up at Bell Haven, rather than take another workamper job somewhere, we decided we really wanted to be there for my Mom and Dad. 

This meant moving out of our home on wheels, and parking it in an RV Storage.  We moved into my parents house, just a mile from where they were in assisted living. 

We offered for them to come back to the house where we could be their assistance, but it didn't seem a good idea to them.  So we took care of the house, and gave all the support we could.

My Mom worked so hard doing all she could for my Dad.

She was being the caring wife she had been for the past 69 years.

In October, all of us girls (my 2 sisters and I) along with our husbands, were together for my Mom's 85th birthday celebration. 
Happy 85th Birthday, Mom!
We celebrated together on her birthday in the dining room at Avamere. 

Then the following day, a neighbor friend offered the use of his wheelchair van to bring Dad to the house for an at home family celebration.
We had a wonderful time together back at their house once again.

This was an extra special time... because it was my Dad's last time in his own home.

My Dad made it to their 69th wedding anniversary, which was on the 16th of November, but he passed away on Thanksgiving day.

Of course, we KNOW now that we made the right decision to settle in and be there with family for what turned out to be my Dad's last weeks.  We had some very special moments together, and made some meaningful memories.

Grandkids and Great-Grandkids came to love on their Grandma and say good-bye to their Grandpa.


 And my Mom continued to do what she has always done... Care for her husband.
 Jeff and I joined my Mom for Thanksgiving dinner, there at their apartment.

And I spent most of my time that Thanksgiving Day, "visiting" with my Dad.

Mom and I were both at his side when he took his last breath.

How thankful I am that we were there.

Good-Bye Dad.

Now Moving On...

On October 31st, Jeff had surgery on his foot to remove a very painful bunion.  The Doc also cut off a huge spur on the top of his foot.  The pain in his foot over the past 3 years has kept us from doing the hiking we once did... so we were hopeful that this was the answer.  But so far, it seems it wasn't the answer.  The bunion is no longer a problem, but now there is hammer toe, and a whole lot of arthritis and arthritic bone spurs.  Hmm!

With my Dad gone, my Mom had no need to live at an Assisted Living Facility... she had her own house!  So she moved back home at the first of the year.  She wanted us to stay in the master bedroom, and she wanted to make the back of the house, her new living space.  What WAS the guest room, became her bedroom... and what WAS my Dads study, became her private living room.

It turned out to be a good set up.  She is very comfortable.

                My Mom is remarkable...

                After 69 years of marriage (since age 16) she is "on her own" for the first time in her life... and she is adjusting remarkably well!

January 2nd of this year was our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  So we got away on a short trip to Reno.  But being more than 5 months ago... I can't tell you now what we did!  THAT is why it's important to take photos.  The way our memories are, if we want to remember our life, we better photograph everything we do.  The only time we took out the camera on the trip was when we visited the Harrah's Automobile Museum.  So there it is... our trip to Reno! 

This March was the 8th anniversary of my late husband's death.  Its quite the story, but Jeff, my husband of now, hardly knew me or Ken at the time, yet he felt strongly that he wanted to build a cross to place at the accident site... and he did.  Then less than 2 years later, he and I were married!  Very Cool, huh? 

Eight years later, the cross was still standing at the site of the accident, but it was a bit tattered.  So we decided we would replace it.  Jeff made another Cross, and together we replaced the old with the new.

In April, my Mom went to visit my Sister and Grandkids in Canada.  So we had the house and her car to ourselves for 5 weeks.  We decided to make a trip to Arizona to visit our friends, Harry and Drina.  We spent time in Reno and Vegas along the way... and it should have been more fun but we both ended up sick, AND its just not the same traveling in a car, staying in motels, eating in restaurants.  It's so much better traveling when we have our home with us!

As nice as it was in some ways, to live in a house with a big bedroom, big bathroom, a garage, a yard of our own... we really missed our cozy little home on wheels.

My mother was doing so well, and she made it clear she wanted us to live our own life the way we want...  so at the end of May we moved back into our fifth wheel.  And boy was that an ordeal.  It is so much easier to be a full-time RVer, than to be a seasonal or part-time RVer.  Besides all the work to get stuff put back in and organized, we had lots of issues.  But all issues are resolved and we are once again settled into our comfortable home on wheels.

We are hosting for the Summer in Central Oregon... and it's great!  We are very happy.

Thanks for reading!
Now I better check up on the rest of you!

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Very Old Post May 2014

I'm getting ready to do a new post (believe it or not), but here sat this old post as a draft.  It's over a year old!  I hate to waste anything, so old or not and finished or not... I'm posting it.

May 15 2014
Back to Work!

At last post, we showed you all the work we were doing around here.  We had worked our butts off (so to speak).  But after that last big family reunion, where all the cottages were rented for the weekend, there have been no guests here at all!  It's been like vacation!  But today we are "back to work".  Guests are coming in this evening and more tomorrow.  It was nice to have a break, but its also nice to have some guests to keep us hopping!

What was really great, was that it was such perfect timing for a visit from Jeff's cousin, Chuck.  He rode his Harley down from Portland and stayed a week with us.  He came to visit when we were in Gold Hill, Oregon too.  But this was a bit more of a ride for him. 

I'm just glad we were able to set him up so well at no cost to him, thanks to one of the cottage owners. 

These places are all referred to as Vacation Cottages, but as you can see, some of them are big houses.

[fade out - 6 hours later]

Look above... what did I say?  I said, "its also nice to have some guests to keep us hopping!"
What I MEANT to say, was... "its nice to have HAPPY guests"!
As I was writing, our guests checking in today, arrived.  WE were happy to see them... but THEY weren't happy.  We have nothing to do with reservations of the cottages.  They deal directly with the individual owners.  These guests included an 85 year old Mama who is in a wheelchair or uses a walker.  Apparently the picture in their minds, was a cottage right next to the lake with a pier and dock with no steep ramp.  The real picture was a cottage a short walking distance from the lake, via a pea gravel path, then with the lake being so low, the ramp from pier to dock is quite steep... a little tricky for a wheelchair.  We came up with every suggestion and option and offers of assistance in our means to make it work for them... but Mama wouldn't have any of it.  So sadly, they left.

But with nothing more that I can do about that, I will continue...

How's this for relaxation when we have the resort to ourselves!

The "Bucket List"
When we get to a certain age, it's time to get things checked off "the bucket list".
Chuck had not Kayaked before, so with the opportunity in front of him... he couldn't resist.
Kayaking... "CHECK!"

May 21 2014
We don't need no stinkin' Starter... 

Jeff's Fatboy has had trouble with the Starter.  But it would always start eventually... UNTIL the day before Chuck came, then it decided not to start at all.  So we took it into a shop and left it, but then when we knew he couldn't get to it right away, and Chuck was here and we wanted to ride... we thought, "We don't need no stinkin' Starter"  We can just push start it! 
So we rode over to the shop and got the bike, and we did push start it... and rode together.  We continued to push start it and ride...  Until the day that Jeff reached the bottom of the hill before it started... so we had to push it back UP the hill. 

At that point, we glanced at each other while trying to catch our breath and thought, we are NOT doing this again.  So "who needs a stinkin' Starter??"  Jeff does!  The bike has just sat since.

But a starter is ordered and should be here tomorrow.  Now if the mechanic can just find the time to install it!

an evening with Cousin Chuck and Neighbor Chuck

Some of the huge Catfish caught by some of the guests:

Creating our own Rain for us and our friends:


Friday, May 9, 2014

Oregon to California

Another Post already??  (Ya... right)

On the last post, I said how much Jeff hated the seat on the Fatboy that he bought.  But I didn't tell you that we bought a new seat for it. 

THIS is the right seat for Jeff.

Now he just needs to get the 16 inch Ape Hanger Handlebars on it.

 We arrived in California for our new job on March 30th.  It definitely isn't simple making a move with two Harley's and a fifth-wheel.  We both rode to Redding and left both bikes, and caught a ride back with a friend in her car.  Then we drove the fifth wheel to Redding, and I rode my Harley to Clearlake, with Jeff following pulling the fifth-wheel.  THEN... a week later, we drove to Redding, and Jeff rode his Harley back.  Phew... lots of work living "on the road".

When we arrived, we stayed next door at the RV Park so we could get some orientation while the Winter caretakers were still on site.
It was a whirlwind Orientation... or so it seemed.  Way too much to take in with so little time.

I tried my best to take notes... but until we are on site and on duty and approaching an issue... we cant really understand it.  If you've been in the situation, you probably know what I mean.

Our first day of Orientation, Marci made us a wonderful dinner at their place. 

The second day, Glenn and Marci showed us around the area, and took us to lunch at the hardware store... sounds funny, but there is a diner at the local hardware store.

This is our View out our back window...  
And this is our RV Site, behind the fence, from inside the Resort...
And this is the Resort!
We've worked our first month now... and it has been an experience!  We've learned a lot and done a lot.  California has not had a lot of rain this Winter, so the lake is very low for this time of year.
We've had some challenges... but we are really enjoying it here.  So far, we're really glad we took the caretaking job.

We were even able to get Jonathan down here to spend more than a week with us... and of course, we put him to work! 
We had a really good time together.  This was the most time the 3 of us have spent together.

Our neighbors, Chuck and Joan, had us over one evening for dinner and games.  It was a good time for all of us, and a good thing for us, since I can't seem to find time to make meals!

This couple, Russ and Dianne, were here visiting from Wisconsin. 
They were looking for a property to purchase, and found one while they were here!
  Their offer was accepted by the owner, then get this... the owner isn't ready to move out, and Russ and Dianne are not ready to move in for a couple years... so they signed a lease agreement. 
Talk about a perfect arrangement for everyone!
What a great couple... they shared a fire with us a couple nights, then surprised us with a cash tip in the cottage when we went in to cleanup.  Our first Tip!  What a fun surprise.

There's nothing like learning under fire...

Last weekend, there was a family reunion held here.  They reserved all cottages, then had an 80th birthday party for a local family member.  There were 70 people here for the party.  Some of them had come from as far as Arkansas... and many of them had not seen each other in 40 years, so there was a lot of excitement, and several times, we were mistaken for one of their long lost relatives.  Funny... we started thinking we should play along, and maybe remind them of that loan we gave them so many years ago. (ha ha)

They were a wonderful bunch of people... we couldn't have asked for more well-behaved, friendly, tolerant people.

The reason I say "tolerant" is because there were a few issues with the cottages.  One especially bad. 

But we made it through!

Less than 5 months left on this commitment... then what??

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Beautiful Rogue River

 Will I EVER Blog again??  That's what I'm starting to ask myself!  
Let me try to do a whirlwind recap of our past 2 months.
We spent February and March along the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.
For the month of February, we played Camp Host at Valley of the Rogue State Park in Rogue River, Oregon.  It wasn't real busy this time of year, so there wasn't a lot of camper interaction.  But our responsibility also included the day use area which is a Rest Area on I-5 so that was the majority of our work.

We had time to spend with family, which was the only reason we were there this time of year.  The weather was rainy and colder in February.

We were able to get Jacob, Jeff's oldest son, down to visit from Madras.  Normally he could get a ride, but this time of year we put him on Greyhound.

We rented a Yurt at the park for both Jacob and Jonathan, so they could both spend time with us... or each other and their Dad. 


Actually, I just provided meals and tried to keep everyone happy.

And, Yes, we got our ONE remaining Harley (which is really MY bike) out of storage at our friends place.  

 We rode a few times, while at Valley of the Rogue SP... Two Up (me on the back) and it was enjoyable.  

 We had agreed that this Harley would become Jeff's bike now... so he decided it needed some changes. 

He found a Sissy bar and 16" Ape Hangers on Craigslist.

BUT when we moved from Valley of the Rogue to KOA in Gold Hill, I rode my bike.  That's all it took!  I wasn't ready to give up my bike yet.

Lucky for me... he hadn't yet changed out the new parts.


SO... we looked on Craigslist for another bike, and we found one!

Jeff bought a 2003 Fatboy with low miles, gear driven cams, and LOTS of Chrome.

 He hates the seat... its just not him.  Its comfy for driver and passenger, but not the style he is looking for.

He also removed the saddlebags and crash bar, right away.

So now we have His and Hers Harley Softails again.

It is fun to ride together again!

Grants Pass is our home town... its where we own our house, and where we had lots of friends.  I say "had" because we just don't see them anymore... and there are very few that we are in contact with. 

We stayed in contact with people for the first 6 months or so, but then as full-time RV'ing became our life, we started making new friends that we kept in touch with.  RV life is a different life style, and we find that we relate more to other RVers.

But we still have that "biker" side of us too, and Jeff has a lot of biker buddies from his club days and from our home in Southern Oregon.  So it was really great for him to get together with a few of them.

After the camp host gig at Rogue River, we moved on down the road to the KOA in Gold Hill, for the month of March.  No work there... just Play and PAY.  Im good with the Playing part... but the PAYing part, not so much.

It's also on the Rogue River.

We walked nearly every day... and walking every day for over an hour, is the only thing we have found that proves to take a few pounds off. (but they don't stay off if we stop walking)


There are some great walking trails along the Rogue River out of Gold Hill,                but its about 1/4 mile to the trail, and walking along the road is not fun... and feels a bit dangerous.  So after walking it a few times, we opted to ride a motorcycle or take the truck and parking at the trail entrance.


Jeff's Cousin, Chuck, rode his Harley down from Portland to see us, and stayed a few nights in one of the KOA cabins.

The three of us had a great time together.  We hadn't seen Chuck in almost 2 years... because of all this traveling we've been doing!

Staying in Gold Hill, we were even closer to my parents house,
 so we were able to spend more time with them.
I know there is a lot more I should be saying, but this is getting ridiculous! 
We left Oregon at the end of March, and  I'm still trying to tell about our time there!
We are now more than 3 weeks into our job in California!
So I am going to leave it at that and publish this post.
The next post will be about where we are now!  and hopefully soon.
Thanks to all of you who check our blog!