Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carl Washburne SP - Relief Hosts!

We are traveling to Grants Pass, OR today... so I have a connection good enough to do a blog post!
We own a house in Grants Pass, and our tenants will be moving out in a couple weeks, so we need to look it over and meet potential new tenants.  We will bring back Jeff's Harley with us, so we can both ride... if we ever see Sunshine for more than a few hours!

Some views of the park and our site:

Beautiful Oregon Coast

Here we are doing our job!

Jeff even found an unopen bottle of beer in the sand!  But he didnt dare to drink it.  He wasnt that desperate.

Last week, we rode into Florence... beautiful ride.  We even treated ourselves to lunch by the water.

There are some great hiking trails in the park...

This creature washed ashore the other day... Doesnt it look like an elephant?

Ok... I cant end the post with that picture in your mind. 
Here's a better one to end with!

If you're in the area... Come See Us!

We even have a Guest Room!


  1. nice guest room!!..great photos of the coast!!

  2. It's been 25 years since I been to the PNW. I cannot wait to get back there, next year!

    Great pictures! good luck on the house rental!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. The park looks lovely! Love the guest personal.

  4. I saw some blue sky in some of your pictures, so maybe things are looking up weather-wise!

  5. Great pictures you guys!! We just have to get out there and visit that coast.

  6. HA!!! I know you took the guest house down already!!!!! (But you can put it up in record time now, I bet) Hope your trip to Grants Pass and back works out well. It will be nice to have both motorcycles together there at the coast. The sun will shine again, the weathermen all agree! They just can't agree on when!!!! Take care, and be safe.

  7. Great photos of the trail to the beach. Anymore bear and cougar sightings? Looking forward to spending some more time at Washburne this summer.

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