Monday, September 10, 2012

Good-Bye Smith Rock

NEWS ALERT: I am a Slacker! Not only has it been 2 months since I last posted... This blog post was started 9 days ago!

September 2nd

Yesterday... After 10 weeks at Smith Rock SP, our time was up... we had to relinquish our post as Park Hosts.  The September host had come in the night before, and he was just waiting for us to move out!  So we did... we moved 35 miles to Jasper Point campground at Prineville Reservoir SP.  This is the place we were at last September and October, and didn't want to leave.  We have resumed our post here as Host/North Shore Patrol... BUT only for 12 days! 

We have accepted a "job" offer at an RV Park in Redding, Calif.  We had been looking for some place to go for the Winter months, and at the time of this offer, we had 4 other offers as well.  But because of distance (only 150 miles from my parents and our house... and only 350 from where we are now) the price of fuel, and the present uncertainty of America as we have known it, we think this is the smartest move for us right now.  Besides... we get Wi-fi and Cable TV (we let our DirectTV go) AND they pay us!  We could use some extra income right now.

It's been so long since I have posted to our blog... I'd better share a little about our time there.
Here are some of the highlights:

On the day of my last post... we had a surprise visit from a blog follower.  Lori, with Luci, live nearby in Redmond.  It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers.  Unfortunately, she was leaving town for a couple months, so we were unable to plan another get-together.
We enjoyed a few get-togethers with fellow hosts.
This was our July group of hosts...
Sally and Dale (left) Barry & Joyce (right) 
We Painted...
We Stained...
We even got some help from Jake (Jeff's son) to finish it up.
We walked the trails....
We hiked the trail at Steelhead Falls one day...
We picked up grandaughter, Raven, on the motorcycles and went for a ride, and then to lunch...
Friend, Ginny, rode her Harley up from Grants Pass to spend a few days with us.  So one afternoon we checked out a few of the area's 11 brewery's.
We enjoyed several get-together's with family...
Grandaughter, Journey, stayed with us a few days. What a joy she is!

She forced us to make faces for the picture...

Cousin Chuck with girlfriend Christine, road their sporty bikes over for a visit...
and we all met Sister Bonnie for lunch.

We even got Dizzy for a couple days again...

Finally in August, one host couple came in with Dogs! Until then, nobody had dogs. So I was happy to meet Charlie and Bandit. We had some fun times with Al and Sandy too.

Madras had its annual Airshow (before this,we didnt even know they had an airport!)
so we made it a family event with Raven and Jake.

It was definitely a small town Airshow... this may have been the highlight!

We had one last Harrah with Hosts, Al & Sandy and Fred.
Fred's friend, Phil, was visiting from N.C. and Scott, the park manager, joined us.

I'm sure I could find more to say and show of our time at Smith Rock, but it has taken me 9 days to do this much!! NOW we are getting ready to leave Jasper Point!

Thanks for checking in... whoever you are!
 One of our blog followers even sent us an email yesterday to check on us...
It's nice to know someone out there is remembering us... Thanks Dwayne!


  1. Looks like you had a work & fun filled summer!! Sorry did not get to visit/see you guys longer. Have a great time in Redding. Bet you will find lots to do there too!

  2. Hey Slacker...I love the header photo...too cute.
    Looks like you two have been having a wonderful time. Looks like you have been eating real good too...most of the gatherings have centered around food....hehe
    I think your best place of all is the day you made the brewery tour. Speaking of breweries, I think I might just go grab me one right now. Enjoy California!

    1. Looks like we have been eating real good??? You'd better hope you're across the States from us! :)

  3. great recap..that is the way to blog..once every two months!!!..good on you!!

  4. Good to hear an update from you. Looks like you two had a full summer and lots of fun and family times. Good luck on the job in Redding - sounds great.

  5. Feeding will be nice. They have an In n Out Burger there so we always think fondly of it. The Sundial Bridge is neat, too. Thanks for posting all the great photos. Happy to see you both again, even if it 's on your blog. Enjoy Fall near the water.

  6. That should be "Redding " not Feeding. Darn Android!

  7. Sounds like a great sumer. We are going to be work camping south of Redding near Winters CA, we'll have to find a way to get together somewhere in between. :)

  8. Well maybe I need to get busy and get something posted Great pics. good luck in your next assignment

  9. Glad to see y'all got a "job". Let us know how things are going. We miss you!

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