Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet the New Camp Hosts!

We started work on Sunday... and we've made it to Friday!  We are the cabin hosts, which means that our main duty is to clean the cabins, but we do other work as needed around the park, and we are available to sell ice and firewood. 
It isn't real busy here yet, so its fairly easy going.

Last Friday was Jeffs sister's birthday, and Saturday was Jeffs birthday.  So on Friday we took Bonnie to lunch, then she came back to our place where we had birthday cake for both of them.  It was an enjoyable afternoon... and a great excuse for chocolate cake and ice cream!!

Saturday,  the birthday boy had been waiting for his Pizza and Beer.  So we went into Prineville to John Doughs Pizza and Cinnabar (in the same building).  It was the last day that the Pizza shop was open. .. too bad because it was really good pizza.  The owner was closing down and moving to New Zealand. 

While eating our pizza in the bar, we tried our luck at Keno.  I played a 7 Spot, with 3 of the numbers being Jeffs birth date (since it was his birthday).  I won $1 for getting 3 of the 7 numbers.  Guess what 3 numbers it was??
The 04, 30, and 54 were the only 3 numbers that matched.  Isnt that cool??  On his birthday, we played his birthday and his birthday numbers were the only matching numbers!!
I should have asked for a printout of the game... but I didnt... You will just have to believe me on that. 
We had a great time, and I drove home!

On another note... we got an email from our renters, saying that he is being transferred to Seattle.  So they will be moving out in June.  Good thing we are in Oregon, so we can interview new rental applicants.  We have some work to do inside the house too, so this will give us a chance to do it between inhabitants.  Sure hope we get good renters again!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeff and sister!! Cake looks outstanding, but I love the pictures of the Gator. We had to sell ours when we left the stix and brix, and miss it so much. Hope you enjoy that one as much as we loved ours. Thanks for your kind words about my health, and I will still be checking in as often as possible. I love your blog!!

  2. Boy do you two look official. I think brown is your color.
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Jeff. You don't look a year older!
    Enjoy your stay in Oregon. Miss you two.

  3. Happy Birthday Jeff..... Enjoy your new workcamp job but don't work to hard.

  4. Happy birthday,Jeff!..looks like you two are pretty comfy in your new 'work'!!

  5. Just catching up on some blogs I missed while traveling. Glad to hear you are getting settled in Prineville. We hope to visit there sometime this summer - before it gets too hot! It's a nice place and hope you are enjoying it.

  6. Happy belated Birthday Uncle Jeff! Things have been crazy busy here, but I think of you guys often...especially now that motorbike season has arrived here! We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

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