Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Enjoying South Llano SP!

We're enjoying it SO much... we extended our stay another week.

WHY do we like it here so much??

Take a look...

All that is just outside our window!

We've had a fire nearly every night. 

We have been at this full-time RV life for 2 years now, and in those 2 years...
Anytime we COULD have a fire, and we WANTED to have a fire, we DID have a fire.
AND... We have NEVER Paid for firewood.  We always go out and find it.  At the park here, like most campgrounds, they sell tiny bundles of firewood for $4. But with just a little effort, here is just a little of what we fetched down the road a few miles.

It's been great firewood... lights up easy, burns hot and doesn't smoke.

The 18 miles of Trails are helping us to get back to our daily walking and bicycling again.
and walks along Rivers are always a favorite.

No permit is needed for Fishing within Texas State Parks, but Jeff hasn't yet thrown a line out.

Do you see all FOUR Turtles?
Do you see why we like it here?


  1. Looks like a great place to spend some time. Sounds like you 2 are having as good time in TX.

  2. Like your pics ..... wish we could be there. Enjoy

  3. CRAP, Behind on my Blog reading - I was just in Junction two days ago. Would have loved to have met up with you guys. Did you know there's a gorgeous little city park there where you can boondock on the water for FREE !!

  4. That is one of our favorite campgrounds. Glad there has been enough rain for you two to have a campfire. Enjoy the area! ~wheresweaver

  5. Looks like an awesome park. Wish we'd got your message before we passed it. We are staying at Elephant Butte another week too. It is just so nice to be out in a park setting again, it is good for the soul.

  6. pull up a chair to the campfire!.now you are sure enjoying yourselves! the last photo!..great capture of the turtles!!

  7. I stayed at the Koa by the Llano river, it was wonderful! Of course i was frozen there for 2 days!! that is another story :) But saw turkeys and geese, that took a walk to the river every morning and then returned to their "coup" every night at a certain time too. It was cool. And there were pecan trees, of course bare in early Feb! Lots of cacti. LOVE those turtles, never saw them..

  8. What beautiful pictures.
    I sure do miss you two.
    Where to next and how is the weather now?
    Come over to Ark and visit. Will be here until the 23rd.
    Wouldn't one of the turkeys be great on your dinner table.
    Love you guys

  9. looks like a great place to park up...great pics of the wild life...

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