Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plans Change!

We've Moved!  We left Mt Hood Village on June 16th, and after a week in Medford at my parents house, we have settled into our camp host site and job at Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon.

This is a Day Use park, so it is very quiet for us at night.  We are in 1 of the 2 host sites next to the District Park Office, which is a house.  Jeff mows and waters the lawns, and it feels a bit like being back at our house. 

The Crooked River Canyon is in our back yard.

If you like to hike or rock climb, this is the place to be! 

We should be here until the end of August. 

Give us a holler if you get over this way!


  1. nice looking set up and the job seems like it could be fun....:) more fun tho than mowing at home like we are doing..we'd rather be doing it there..

  2. We visited Smith Rock in August. It's an awesome state park! Do you have rattlesnakes in that park?

    1. I hear there are alot of rattlesnakes, but haven't seen any yet.

  3. Beautiful setting. So glad you two found a wonderful home for the summer. Hope you both have a great time! Miss you!

  4. Looks like a beautiful place to stay. :)

  5. Wow, you are so close, as i am in Redmond, have got to get over to meet you both!!! Have a good summer!

  6. That's one place we missed on our last trip to central Oregon but I wanted to go. Didn't realize they had camphosts in day use parks. That sounds like a good job to have. Enjoy your summer and if we can get away later in the summer, we'll look you up.

  7. I hope you post often about your experiences in Oregon this summer, especially about working at the state park. I love a good state park myself, am getting ready to pack up the car to go tent camping without my husband tomorrow at New Glarus State Park in Wisconsin. Watch out for those snakes!

  8. Glad to see you back in blog land. I hope you like this assignment better than the other one. Ride safe

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  10. Nice to hear from you guys.... sounds like a great place for a job! The Weather finally turned for the better... we are enjoying our Vancouver Island. Maybe we will meet again in the winter... are you going back south towards Oasis? Cheers from Karin & Ziggy

  11. Amazing place. So grateful you two found an awesome home for the summer months season. Wish you both have a great time!

  12. Hey there; Charlie here and Chris and I made it safely back to CO last night. We really enjoyed our stay there and hope to return again. It was sure nice to meet you guys and explore the Moab area in the new Jeep. Have to return to the salt mine in the morning, YUCK! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Please be safe and god bless.

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