Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mt Hood Village Resort - Mt Hood National Forest

We seem to have disappeared from blog land.  And this is not even a post really... just updating our whereabouts.

We began our Summer Workamping job here on May 16th.  We knew that the Portland, Oregon area rains alot more than other areas, but we didnt realize that the Mt Hood National Forest IS a RAIN FOREST!  We're really wanting our Warm Sunshine back!

But here we are for awhile.  We are doing our best dealing with it... mostly by leaving alot!  We've been away for almost half the time that we have been here.  We've made trips to Southern Oregon and to Central Oregon.  At least we are able to get away.

Hope you are all well and finding some Sun!


  1. Wow I'll have to remember that about the rain there if we ever get up that way. The Weavers are in Oregon right now. How are you tied down there? All that rain makes it hard to ride the bike around much doesn't it? Try to stay dry.

  2. In a way, the story of your summer parallels your life's story. Sunshine, a rainy, cloudy season, and you will be back into rain.

  3. hope the sunshine arrives soon!..meanwhile enjoy the

  4. We know what you mean. We are on the coast, and we are not happy with the weather either. We won't be back here least not this time of year. 100% chance of rain today...YUCK! We move up the coast tomorrow to Lincoln City. We will be in the Portland area. Not sure when. Maybe we can meet up this time.

  5. Nice to see you back, even if it is raining. You're right, it's wet there and sure is nice to get out away from that to see some sunshine. It does get better later on. Right now it's raining here in Eugene, and the forecast is for more of the same. Some years we get rain most of June. That's the price we pay for all the green, I guess. You guys had some great travel this year, and I'm so happy for you. We come up to Hood River to visit the old car and plane museum there (WAAM) and our son John volunteers there often. You should check it out, they've even got some old motorcycles there!

  6. Since Russ didn't leave you a link to the museum, I will! It can't be too far from where you are. On the 2nd Saturday of each month (coming up on June 9) they bring out some of the old cars and give free rides. They also fly some of the planes but visitors can only watch those - no rides:( They have TONS of old motorcyles. We might be up on June 9th, not sure yet.

    Try to hang in there. The rain "USUALLY" stops about the second week of June and then it is gorgeous for the rest of the summer. If you can put up with the rain, you are rewarded with perfect summers, blue skies, and no alligators!! September and October are often my favorite months of the year here.

  7. It's raining here in Vancouver, Wa today. The rain has been getting to me this year, but it makes me really appreciate the occasional nice day that comes along. We usually get rain until around the 4th of July and after that it's nice all summer and fall. Hang in there!

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