Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 Years ago today...

3 years ago... we woke up the morning of February 5th, with a new excitement for our life.  We didnt have to go to work!  It wasn't the weekend, it wasn't our vacation... we didn't have jobs anymore!  We had said all our good-byes to co-workers the day before and went home to start a new life.

This is what I thought of first thing when I awoke this morning.

How exciting that morning was.  There was a lot to do... but how fun!  Without a work schedule to keep, we could now move in to our travel trailer, that was parked beside our house.  Then we could really kick it into gear with getting rid of all our stuff.  And that we did.  We freed ourselves of STUFF!  Who needs 2000 sf of house with rooms and rooms of stuff... and cupboards and closets all full of stuff!  We didnt and we still don't.  We are very content with our new roaming life and our small house on wheels with just the stuff we need.  and we dont miss the rat race!

One of these days I am going to do a recap of our full-time RVing adventure.  I said that at the one year mark, and again at the end of two years.  Here we are at three years... maybe now!  never know.


  1. Happy anniversary! Wishing you lots and lots more years of fun!

  2. Congratulations you two! What a great life you're enjoying. Reminds me of when I asked our Lazy Daze friends, Kate and Terry how long they were gone on their first trip with their new rig. 5 years, was their answer! Seems like they just fell in love with New Mexico. Looking forward to your recaps. One way we do ours is to have our blog made into a book every six months using Blog2Print. It's really simple and almost painless. The memories are worth it! (To say nothing of being able to go back and look to find the answer to questions that pop up now and then in our faulty memories.)

  3. well congrats on the 3 year milestone...I"m sure it went by fast....this is our 2nd year on the road...as snowbirds...and we are loving it...

  4. sweet, we are closing in on our second year...

  5. Congrats - glad you found the life that makes you happy. That is an inspiration. Keep those wheels turning.

  6. congrats on your third anniversary! may you have many more years of safe travels and new adventures!

  7. Congrets. We know what you mean. We are in our 7th year and have no thoughts of quiting any time soon. Hope to see you 2 some where this year. Ride safe.

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