Sunday, February 3, 2013


The 49ers havent been in a Super Bowl since 1995.  They were in 5 Super Bowls up to 1995, and they won every Super Bowl they played.

We also like the Ravens because of player Michael Oher.  Did you see the movie "Blind Side"?

But the 49ers have to be the team we are rooting for this year.  We have named this Super Bowl, the "Kenny Bowl".  My late husband, Ken Feriante, was a serious 49er fan.  Unfortunately, the last 11 years of his life, the team no longer did well.  But they have finally made it to the Super Bowl again, and we know he would be freaking thrilled!  So this Super Bowl is for you, Ken.

Are you watching the game today??  Who is your team?


  1. Watching with a group of friends. Tuff to get excited when our team is out of it. Oh well, maybe next year will be the Browns year.

  2. Should be a good game, no matter which team wins. There are former Oregon Duck football players on both sides. LaMichael James will be running for the Niners. Hope he gets a chance to show his speed. Haloti Ngata is a defensive tackle for the Ravens. Hope he gets a chance to shine. We'll be watching the game, and rooting for both teams. I think Coach Harbaugh will have the winner!

    1. I would bet on that one... that Coach Harbaugh will have the WIN!

  3. We are here in New Orleans, watching the Big Game........
    The Crowds are "AMAZING".
    This town is ROCKIN'
    Go Harbaugh,

    Steve and Roberta

    1. Yes and Thanks for the loan of the photo... straight from New Orleans!

  4. Well, I am for the 49'res also, mom & dad loved their 49'res and joe Montana.. BUT it is halftime and things are looking poorly.. bet there is lots of encouraging talk in the locker room right now!!

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