Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moab Week 2

New Friends
Jim & Sherry moved in next to us the same day we arrived.  We made fast friends, and enjoyed our time together.

The above photos were taken last Sunday before I worked my first shift by myself.
I went to the office and worked while they continued their fun time.  When I arrived back at 9:00, we all continued where we left off... until Midnight!

They flew their kids and grandkids in from Missouri to vacation with them for a few days.  So we had several opportunities to doggy-sit Molly.  She finally started warming up to us.

Since my last post, our next and last Ride was to Colorado, via a beautiful scenic mountain route.

We road to the Ghost Town of Bedrock, Colorado.  Inhabited in 1881 and Established in 1883.
The only thing we saw in town was the still active Post Office.

Work is going well for both of us.  Jeff works a few hours in the morning doing maintenance, then helps me out in the evenings for whatever I or the guests need.

I've enjoyed my work so far.  They had just purchased campground software when we arrived, and I've enjoyed helping them get it up and running.

Our friends left us today... the time had come. They kept extending their reservation, but they have other places they want to see, so they have to leave sometime!

So we had the good-bye group photos, and waved good-bye.
But we plan to see them again soon.  They have extended an invitation for us to park on their 10 acre property in Jackson, Missouri.  I pulled up their property on Google Earth (So Cool) and they showed us around their place.

We look forward to seeing Missouri as well as many other States we have not yet experienced.

Let me leave you with an Electrifying Photo...

Ya think we have some static electricity going on here?
We have been getting shocked touching everything in our RV since getting here... why??


  1. Glad things are going so well, and you are having fun with the computer there. Nice ride to Colorado. Cool photos. You must have been dragging your feet, based on the condition of your hair. Now, that's just not like you!

    1. Thanks Russ. But Im really not dragging my feet! Its crazy... we are electric everywhere! Why??

  2. Sounds like a ground problem to me. Do you have an electric management system for your trailer? We really need to get that part of the country again. Looks like a great place to ride.

  3. Nice post and really liked the "Bedrock" post office picture.

    Two thoughts on the static electricity.
    1) Do you guys use an EMS? If not you might want to get a meter and check pedestal power for an open ground. Even with just a surge protector, you will still have power but an EMS will shut it down for an open ground.
    2) "Stray " electricity. If you are by some high tension wires you may be experiences stray electricity. Not harmful but it does happen sometimes/.

    These are just guesses, especially the first one. The second idea I have experienced first hand in another industry. It does some really strange stuff.

  4. You have a very serious problem with the park's electric. You have "Hot Skin." Your whole unit is electrified. This is very dangerous. You need to unplug and check that power. Some where wires are switched. Friends just wrote a blog on this. Please get someone qualified to check your electric at the park.

    Here is a link that explains the problems:

    Good Luck!

  5. Your new background is lovely! I am going to do some updating on our design sometime this summer.

    It looks like you are losing some weight, Sheryl. You look great. I do love your new hair style. How do I get that looks without getting electroshocked?

  6. Glad things are going so well. Hope that continues. I agree with checking on the electrical issue, we read the article he is talking about and it would be worth it to check this through. Looks like some fun bike rides too!

  7. It looks like you guys are having a great time! Colorado is beautiful. I'll have to remember Bedrock when we head out that way later this summer. I think my kids would enjoy seeing that! :) -Anna

  8. Looks like y'all are havin' fun!


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