Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Utah National Parks

Moab Utah is home to 2 of our 400+ National Parks... Canyonlands and Arches. 
We rode through Arches NP a week ago. 
We rode our Harley's through most of this park 2 Summers ago, but it was so hot we couldn't enjoy it.
We can't say that this time was much different.  I just cant seem to handle heat anymore, AND...  Arches is a very popular national park, but we have figured out that its popularity must be with the hikers.  Of which we once were... but regretfully are not so much, right now.
Arches National Park


What do you make of these?  anybody??


Get-Away to Grand Junction, CO

On our days off last week we decided to make an overnight trip somewhere.
We chose Grand Junction, because it was only 110 miles, it included a beautiful ride out the 128 along the river to I-70, and there was another National Park we could visit.
But a big reason for a get-away was to cool off in a Pool!
I found a motel online for a decent price and really good reviews.  It is an older motel, but kept very well with friendly owners, a nice pool, and it had an awesome continental breakfast. 
We enjoyed our time.

After we left the motel in the morning, we stopped at the Harley shop in Grand Junction and met some riders from Ohio, who were headed to Moab for the night and were riding through the Colorado National Monument on their way.  They showed us a route to get to the East entrance of the park, allowing us to ride through the park to the West entrance.  We are SO glad we saw this park.
Colorado National Monument

The two Tunnels were among our favorite parts of the park. 


 The Ride and the Views were Incredible...

Sights like this get Jeff's attention, so when he spotted it as we rounded a corner, we had to stop. 
We met up with the guys from Ohio, again at a viewpoint in the park. 

Then we met up again in Fruita, for a cold beer after the warm ride.

Half way home we stopped at a Rest Area, where we met Debra, a truck driver of 25 years. 
 She solicited Jeff's help... which he was happy to do.

Well... All this happened over a week ago.  I've had a heck of a time getting this posted.  Now I have so much more to "show & tell" I better leave this where it is, and start working on the next post!

Y'all stay safe out there!


  1. I enjoy seeing the pictures of your travels!

  2. We have got to get back to Utah. Love the pictures.

  3. WOW! Beautiful scenery. I love huge rocks and cliffs and all that good stuff. Too bad it's so hot. I'm with you, I don't like the heat.

  4. We are looking forward to being in those areas in the early Fall. Thanks for the previews.

  5. WOW. ..what incredible photos we are seriously thinkin of leaving Ohio in the middle of September and heading for Utah. We did see some of it many years ago. We want to do some hiking and where better to do it then there. You two just got our juices flowing with this blog.

    So glad to read tht you are having some fun on your days off. Keep on enjoying your adventure.

  6. What an amazing ride! There is no place better for a motorcycle than Utah and Colorado. We so enjoyed each of our three trips to the area on a motorcycle. How neat that you meet up with fellow riders!

    I am sure enjoyed getting away from the park on your days off. Too bad the park doesn't have a pool:(

    Enjoy your riding! Be safe!!

  7. Sheryl you must be superwoman! The pictures are beautiful and your stories are really interesting. And it has to take one strong woman to put up with Jeff lol. Seriously Chuck and I are hoping you will decide at some point to come this way so we can all meet each other. I hope after 45 years Jeff and I will still be the great friends we were in high school. But I want to meet you and I would love for Chuck and Jeff to meet. We keep praying and hoping so someday soon we would be thrilled to see you two pull up in front of our place. We have 16 acres so there is plenty of room. We also sit in the middle of the beautiful HooDoo Valley and we are surrounded by mountains. It's very rural but that's the way we like it. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us and we are looking forward to your books. Drive
    Safely and enjoy each and every flower along the way. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. The Acheys

  8. Awesome country you two rode in. Jeanette and I have to do our level best to get near there to ride our Electra Glide through that incredibly beautiful scenery.

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