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A Very Old Post May 2014

I'm getting ready to do a new post (believe it or not), but here sat this old post as a draft.  It's over a year old!  I hate to waste anything, so old or not and finished or not... I'm posting it.

May 15 2014
Back to Work!

At last post, we showed you all the work we were doing around here.  We had worked our butts off (so to speak).  But after that last big family reunion, where all the cottages were rented for the weekend, there have been no guests here at all!  It's been like vacation!  But today we are "back to work".  Guests are coming in this evening and more tomorrow.  It was nice to have a break, but its also nice to have some guests to keep us hopping!

What was really great, was that it was such perfect timing for a visit from Jeff's cousin, Chuck.  He rode his Harley down from Portland and stayed a week with us.  He came to visit when we were in Gold Hill, Oregon too.  But this was a bit more of a ride for him. 

I'm just glad we were able to set him up so well at no cost to him, thanks to one of the cottage owners. 

These places are all referred to as Vacation Cottages, but as you can see, some of them are big houses.

[fade out - 6 hours later]

Look above... what did I say?  I said, "its also nice to have some guests to keep us hopping!"
What I MEANT to say, was... "its nice to have HAPPY guests"!
As I was writing, our guests checking in today, arrived.  WE were happy to see them... but THEY weren't happy.  We have nothing to do with reservations of the cottages.  They deal directly with the individual owners.  These guests included an 85 year old Mama who is in a wheelchair or uses a walker.  Apparently the picture in their minds, was a cottage right next to the lake with a pier and dock with no steep ramp.  The real picture was a cottage a short walking distance from the lake, via a pea gravel path, then with the lake being so low, the ramp from pier to dock is quite steep... a little tricky for a wheelchair.  We came up with every suggestion and option and offers of assistance in our means to make it work for them... but Mama wouldn't have any of it.  So sadly, they left.

But with nothing more that I can do about that, I will continue...

How's this for relaxation when we have the resort to ourselves!

The "Bucket List"
When we get to a certain age, it's time to get things checked off "the bucket list".
Chuck had not Kayaked before, so with the opportunity in front of him... he couldn't resist.
Kayaking... "CHECK!"

May 21 2014
We don't need no stinkin' Starter... 

Jeff's Fatboy has had trouble with the Starter.  But it would always start eventually... UNTIL the day before Chuck came, then it decided not to start at all.  So we took it into a shop and left it, but then when we knew he couldn't get to it right away, and Chuck was here and we wanted to ride... we thought, "We don't need no stinkin' Starter"  We can just push start it! 
So we rode over to the shop and got the bike, and we did push start it... and rode together.  We continued to push start it and ride...  Until the day that Jeff reached the bottom of the hill before it started... so we had to push it back UP the hill. 

At that point, we glanced at each other while trying to catch our breath and thought, we are NOT doing this again.  So "who needs a stinkin' Starter??"  Jeff does!  The bike has just sat since.

But a starter is ordered and should be here tomorrow.  Now if the mechanic can just find the time to install it!

an evening with Cousin Chuck and Neighbor Chuck

Some of the huge Catfish caught by some of the guests:

Creating our own Rain for us and our friends:


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  1. Oh my goodness....I thought you two dropped off the center of the earth.

    I can see where mama would be very unhappy, but she could have at least tried one of your suggestions.

    Love the idea of making your own rain. What a hoot. Hope to read any post from you all next June.


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