Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back in Oregon

Our stay in Yreka last night was a really good one.  It was quiet and I slept great.  In fact... it was my favorite of our 5 night stays on our trip to Oregon.  The next favorite was our first night that we boondocked in a dirt lot in Holbrook, AZ.  I showed you the Yreka site last post.  Here are the window views:

We were so comfortable, we didnt "check out" until 10:30.  We had only a 55 mile drive to my parents house in Medford, OR.
Nasty Nasty Weather

This is a little better

Hi Mom!
 Mom had a late breakfast prepared for us... very good home cooking!

Then Jeff just couldn't contain himself any longer.  Our Harley Ultra Classic has been stored in their garage... he had to go check on her and start her up.

Time to move on...  but not without a picture of me with my parents.

 Bye... we will be back soon!

On to Grants Pass... 30 more miles down I-5

driving up the road to our friends house

There she is... our friend Ginny... waiting for us!

 Now for the ordeal of getting our fifth wheel up to the top where we park.  We usually take it through the field, and we had hoped it would be fine, but as soon as we turned the corner and saw the damp looking tall grass... no... this is not going to be fine.

Jeff turned in and attempted to drive across the field, but we started spinning and the mud was flinging itself inside my window all over me.  I got out... we were stuck.  The rear end was in the road and the truck was in the mud.  Ginny held back traffic as I tried to survey the surroundings and relay it all to Jeff.   Jeff did get backed up, and he pulled up the driveway.   Branches on the trees brushed the roof, but we made it to the top.

But that wasnt the end of the ordeal... by any means.  We got stuck in the mud trying to maneuver to where we would park... and I mean really stuck.

After much spinning and throwing stuff under the tires in an attempt to get traction, we did get out of the much and on to hard ground.  So we found a place that we could park, and its actually a good place. 

The ground is so slanted... check out our stabilizers!

It's been a good day, and an eventful day, and I am very tired.
We have made it to Oregon, where we will be until October. We will be here on Ginnys property for 3 weeks before leaving for our first camphosting job.


  1. welcome back to Oregon!..Yreka! the parking space!..great job on the levellling!! too bad is was such an ordeal..hopefully by the time you pull out of there in three weeks the ground will be a bit less muddy!..enjoy your stay with your friend!!

  2. Now if only you have good weather in Oregon. Don't know about southern Oregon, but northern Oregon and southern Washington have been having lots and lots of rain.

  3. Always a sinking feeling when one gets anchored in mud like that.

  4. What a day... Hope you settle down and get some rest today.

  5. Glad you made it FINALLY! Nice picture of you and your parents. Enjoy! I guess we will have to try to meet up after October.

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