Friday, April 1, 2011

New Mexico to Oregon - Day 2

Todays blog is like yesterdays... I will post several times throughout the day then finalize tonight.

AAaahh!!!... look what we woke up to out our back window!!

Here's our awesome FREE Site last night:

We slept really good.  We woke up a few times, and there was always freeway noise, but we were far enough away from all the trucks and activity at the Truck Plaza, that we werent bothered.

We were confused about what time it was this morning... we knew we weren't in Pacific Time yet, but Jeffs phone and my phone didnt agree.  We know that Arizona doesnt play the time change game, so I changed my phone to Arizona time zone and my phone now agrees with Jeffs.  We got up an hour earlier than we thought initially... 7:20!  That is very early for us!

We hadnt hooked up the generator, so I made coffee this morning by boiling water on the stove, then pouring it into the filter on the coffee pot... it was just as good!
Then I made Spinach and Asparagus Frittata's for breakfast.  It's fun finding a way to do things without the luxury of electricity.

 8:30am AT/PT  -  Leaving Holbrook, AZ
On the road again...

Time for a butt and pee break - Williams, Arizona

Grabbed a quick lunch snack for the road (same as yesterday) Cold grilled chicken pieces and baby carrots...  and hit the road again.

There has been a change to our planned route today.  The charted route was up the 93 out of Kingman, AZ which would take us over the Hoover Dam, then to Las Vegas.  But I decided to check into RV's traveling over Hoover Dam, and found that they inspect all vehicles (and Fifth Wheels) prior to crossing.  WE dont want to be searched!  Stay out of our house!
SO... the new route is the 163 out of Kingman, through Laughlin, Nevada, then the 95 North to Vegas.  We may stay in Laughlin, NV tonight.  It would make for a short daycompared to yesterday... only 280 miles.

Saturday 1:00pm - Shame on me... got busy and didnt finish the post yesterday.  I will have to later.  The internet connection is too slow and Im having trouble getting pictures loaded.
But a quick update... we stayed in Laughlin, NV last night.  We got in early, so we had all evening to play.


  1. Safe travels! I'm enjoying following your journey to Oregon.

  2. Your getting closer. Do you remember Flagstaff?
    Did you save me any of that breakfast it sounds great.
    You two seem to be eating really healthy.
    I love all the pictures.
    The one you woke up to would have scared me.
    Love you two

  3. have a safe journey to Oregon!..gotta love travel days!!

  4. You're making good time, but don't push too hard!! The pictures of Wiliiams brought back good memories for us. Take care.

  5. There is a new bridge over the Colorado near the Hoover Dam now & you can sail right across it with no problem. We zipped through there a little over a week ago. Don't have to go over the dam anymore. Safe journey home folks.....

  6. Looks like you are zipping right along. Sage travels.

  7. And you don't want to be inspected because...LOL

  8. Well, Geez, we were in Laughlin last night as well, at the Mojave County Park. Traveled to Pahrump today and tonight are here in the Castlecrest winery park. Will be traveling north on 95 to Oregon as well. I'll watch for you! Although I think we are going to spend an extra day here in Pahrump before heading north on Monday morning. Home to Klamath in three days

  9. Have a good trip north. Hope to see you down the road somewhere. I don't want to be inspected either.


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