Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House in Grants Pass

JUNE 27, 2011
We are back at Carl Washburne SP, after a week long visit to Grants Pass.  The renters at our house moved out, and we had several repairs and much cleaning to do, before the next renters move in.

We had to tear out the old carpet in the 480 SF family room, before the installers could come install new carpet.

We have had a mysterious leak in the chimney for a long time, that would seep water through the brick of the fireplace.  Jeff is convinced he found where water is getting in, and sealed it good.  So we tore the ceiling out around the fireplace in both the dining room and the living room, and replaced the drywall.  Unfortunately, we are not professionals, so the job is done, but its not perty.


We worked from morning to night every day, but took time out a few evenings for brief get-togethers with family and friends.
My sister was down from Portland, so She with our Mom and Dad brought over KFC and other homemade fixins for an evening picnic... giving us a much needed break!

Then before their visit was over, we had a surprise visit from some of Jeff's club brothers.

We had the help of our good friend, Ginny, for two of the days... and what a help she was.  We were so busy with repairs, she took over the cleaning.
Of course, in the evening we took a break for eating and relaxing.

We stayed at our house, sleeping on our air mattress... it was great!

So there is a little post about our House in Grants Pass trip.  We have more outside work to do at the house, but that will be later in the summer.


  1. sounds like you 2 are keeping busy. We are back in Deming.

  2. Whew! You got a lot done! I'm glad there were friends and family there to feed, help out and have some fun!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. What a job you to did! Amazing. And, camping in, what a concept! Thanks for sharing.

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