Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UPDATE July 13 - Part 1

I had trouble coming up with a Title for this post.  The post I did a few minutes ago, was started a couple weeks ago, and it had a subject matter.  Now I'm just playing catch-up!
Where do I start???

We are half way into our second month at Carl Washburne SP... and we are ready to move on!!
Two months without the convenience of phone service and internet at home is too much.  Not to mention the lack of hot summer sunshine.  We usually have either clouds and rain, or sun and wind.  But really, despite the weather, we have enjoyed our time here.  The beach is awesome and we have made many friends.  This park has many hosts, most of them working at the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

I will start with today, and make my way back over the past couple weeks...

Right now, we are at a motel in Eugene, Oregon.  Today and tomorrow are our days off and we wanted to get away.  We have fast Wifi here!!  Yaayy!
Our friend, Ginny, has been visiting us for a few days and she was heading back today, so we rode part way with her, then after a stop for lunch, we rode north to Eugene, while she went south to Grants Pass. 

We enjoyed some good times while she was here.  The last couple days we had some rain, and when she first got here we had some strong wind, so we did spend some time inside watching movies or chatting, but on the nice days and evenings, we enjoyed...

Walks on the trails and on the beach...

This is the "Hobbit Trail"

Evenings around the fire...

Fire nights would start with us... then a couple more... then a couple more...

Good thing we keep finding chairs!  Campers tend to leave chairs behind, so we use them!  We have 9 chairs now, and they all get used.  This night they all got used, and one couple brought their own chairs, so we must have had 11 people!  The "fire party" went late, and we had a visit from the night ranger.  Poor campers... who do you call to complain about the loud campers, when the Camp Hosts ARE the loud campers!

Another good time was had on Sunday at Tahkenitch Lake...

Our friend "Taco" Ron had sent us a text that he was camping out at Tahkenitch Lake with his grandkids and boat.  So with all of us having no cell phone signal unless we go for it... we couldn't connect.  We decided to ride down to the lake and see if we could find him.
We found him... and he said "Lets go for a boat ride" and we said "OKAY!"

There you have it...  the highlights of Ginny's visit.

Prior to Ginny's visit... 
We had my niece, Carmen, her husband, Ed, and three of their kids, Hanna, Mateah, Ivan, here for a visit.

We had a great time with them... so glad they came.  They live in Canada, near Calgary, Alberta, so we dont get to see them often.

 Ed took my bike for a ride with Jeff... but it was a very windy day, so the ride wasnt far.

We took a trip to the lighthouse... There is a steep trail to hike to get there, and that part was enjoyable.  But there was a long wait once there for the tour of the lighthouse, so Jeff and I waited awhile, then left them to take the tour and we went home.  We aren't much for crowds of people in tight spaces.  (My favorite mug is one I got in Florida at the NASA Kennedy Space Center.. it says "I NEED MY SPACE!)

We had two tents set up for them, with comfy air mattresses, lights and space heaters. They seemed to sleep comfortable... and we all had our own space!

Some times young boys need to be silenced from ones space!!  And Duct tape can come in handy!

All good times must come to an end... They left us Thursday, and headed back to Canada. 

Ok... that is part 1 of this two plus week update.  I want to publish.  I will continue on part 2.


  1. Good times! (with the exception of no internet or phone)

    Maybe this will help? I'm going to post this on my blog, tomorrow....but I'll give you a heads up.

    "...Recently, Lifehacker contributor Alan Henry shared a method which makes it possible to use your iOS or Android phone even when out of range! ..."

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Looks like you are really have a good time. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. We are sending you some warm weather. It was 105 here yesterday. Toooo hot here. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Good to see your post. We will be at your place (Washburne) next week with our son and his family...arriving Tuesday and hoping there will be some spots available. Hope we get to see you while we are there. I promise I won't fall out of the motorhome this time.

    I bet your are really tired of no phone or internet service - that would drive me crazy. Hope your next spot has both. Take care.

  4. Sunshine, cell service, and internet--I need to have at least one of the three! Glad to see you are making the best of your camphosting situation.

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