Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful Las Vegas!

Beauty comes in all forms.  This is definitely a different sort of beauty, than say... Jasper Point in Central Oregon, where we sat in peace amongst the juniper trees, overlooking the lake.  Blue skys, palm trees, elaborate architecture and city lights.... that is the beauty this week. 
The sounds are certainly different, as well.  We don't hear the crickets or the birds... we hear motors and sirens and jets.  But it is yet another experience... and we like it here!

We drove all over Las Vegas the past couple days.  It is a city... but it is a good feeling city.  At least that has been our experience.

Wednesday we visited the center of "The Strip".  We visited 3 casinos, road the monorail, and just walked around. 

We spotted several more places we want to go on our next trip to The Strip, like the Harley Davidson Cafe, and New York New York.  And we want to see the lights at night.  For that, we will plan to walk to Sams Town around the corner and take their free shuttle to and from the strip.

One of the shows we watch is "Pawn Stars".  It is a pawn shop in Las Vegas... so we wanted to visit it while we were here.   Yesterday, we did just that.

Its more like a tourist trap now, than a pawn shop. 
The place was crowded with people who were there, like us, just to see "the place" of the show. 

And the center of the store is just full of kiosks crammed full of souveniers.
like... Chumlee Christmas ornaments, The Old Man bobblehead, Pawn Stars mugs, keychains, shotglasses, hats, shirts, stickers, posters, mouse pads... even chapstick!

We can now watch the show and say "We've been there!"

On a street nearby the pawn shop, we found a place to get married, if you're in a big hurry.

I am not one for weddings that take a year to plan and organize. 
Jeff and I were married in Reno... but at least we had an appointment!

We did a little shopping at Costco, and found a good paint craft store so I could get the remaining supplies I needed to do another oil painting.

Then, we visited the Stratosphere.  It was a short visit, but we plan to return to take the "ride" to the top.  I think we will pass on the 108 floor free fall, though.

Today we are staying home...
 kicking back, posting to the blog, doing some laundry,
and walking to a Redbox to rent a movie or two.

We're happy with our home for the week... very nice. 
Its clean... has a fitness room, pool and hot tub, big laundry room with new machines,
strong and fast wi-fi, and even an ice machine!

 To view all the photos we have taken while in Vegas, and on the way here from Oregon... click here:

Wheel Life Photos - Las Vegas


  1. Lots to see and do in Las Vegas! We watch Pawn Stars, too, and visited the shop in April, 2010. It was very crowded on the day we were there and we didn't see any of the guys we see on TV. We hadn't been to Vegas for about twenty years, so lots had changed!

  2. great new header photo!!!..what's the name of the RV park?..have fun in Vegas!!!

  3. That all looks like great fun. A Chumlee Christmas ornament? Now that's something we all need. I love that show. We stayed at the Rio once (just off the strip) and they had a great free show and a yummy buffet. Have fun while you're there.

  4. the new clean look. Your new catch line in the header picture is really cool.
    Looks like you two are living the life! We may hit that area this next spring on our way to Oregon.
    We are going back to Mission for Jan./Feb. When you two get to Mustang Island, drop me a line. We would love to meet up with you two for a nice long lunch.
    Enjoy your stay. Safe travels.

  5. So cool....alot different than Central Oregon....did you see Chumlee and Rick and all the regulars that are on the show? I'd like to go there sometime...Wish I was somewhere warm and sunny. Have a great time


  6. I really enjoyed your tour, and more fun was to see you guys in the pics. Deni and miss you and look forward to our next visit . . .here or . . . . who knows where! Love ya!


  7. There is a Harley store on Freemont Street Don't lose all your money

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