Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arrived Las Vegas

I have some catching up to  do on this blog! 

We left Southern Oregon last Saturday, after staying 11 days at Valley of the Rogue State Park.
We accomplished all that we needed to do before leaving again, and spent good time with family and friends.
Our Site at Valley of the Rogue State Park

Good home cooking... prepared by Sheryl's Mom and Sister.

We're all having fun... really.
Dad reads us a story he wrote years ago

Sisters sharing another piece of Moms good pie!

Visiting Jon and Brooke at their new place in Medford.

One last night get-together at our camp site.

Sheryl's Parents came for a visit
(and by the way... Happy 66th Anniversary today, Mom and Dad!)

After leaving Southern Oregon,
Our first night's stay along Hwy 89 near Old Station, CA
We stayed here before and enjoyed it,
 so we were happy that the spot was empty and waiting for us again!

Some interesting cloud formations along our way...

The plan for our second night was to stay in Fallon, NV at the Bonanza Inn RV Park.
It was just a parking lot with full hook-ups, but for $15 it was a deal.

We slept well, and we were comfortable, so we even stayed a second night.
We walked to the Post Office, walked down Historic Main Street, and just kicked it.
We put up the antenna and got about 12 channels.  It was a fun change from our Direct TV.  It was almost like going back in time... lots of old shows.

We weren't sure where we would stay our next night, after leaving Fallon,
but we were glad we passed up some RV Park possibilities, because we found another great pull-off where we could comfortably stay the night. 
It was about 2 miles past Goldfield, NV with just desert all around.

The view out the back window

Out the front door

Level and Spacious and Free!

We had reserved a site for a week here in Las Vegas, at Las Vegas RV Resort. 
We arrived at 3:00 and we are impressed with the park... very nice.
I will get better pictures tomorrow, but our site is spacious.

Tomorrow we will venture out to see Las Vegas! 
and Im sure I will have lots more to show and tell. 

Take Care... all of you fellow travelers, family and friends.


  1. Where's the bike? I thought you would have that trailer on the back with the bike. Don't lose all your traveling money in Drive carefully.

  2. what happens in Vegas stays in and a great view?..perfection!!

  3. two have seen some beautiful country. Glad you are in an awesome place. We may be through there next spring. Making a list of the places to stay. This one made the list. Enjoy

  4. Yes, where is the bike? Left it at home? Your plans sound wonderful, safe travels, see alot and have fun!!!

  5. I know I know... no bike. We would always love to have our bike wherever we are, but with a long trip planned with unknown destinations and 11000 miles, we thought it might be better this time to travel lighter and simpler.

  6. Good to see a post form you guys. Looks like you are finding some great spots. We love the area around Old Station and Hat Creek. Hope you have lots of fun in Vegas. Don't forget to visit Valley of Fire.

  7. You're on your way to adventures again...have fun and enjoy. Travel safe and we'll be looking to see some interesting pictures. Sure glad to share the trip with you. Have a safe trip...enjoy the sunshine!

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