Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just enjoying each day...

Time for another blog post!

We're really enjoying our time here in Desert Hot Springs.  Warm Sunshine, Friendly Neighbors, Plenty of Resort Amenities and Local Activities to keep us busy... not to mention our cozy home.  How blessed can we be?

This evening, we enjoyed our first Happy Hour with neighbors, Marilyn and Dennis
Marilyn is sharing a funny story (full of animation)

That's an "I'm getting chilly" pose from me... not "I have to pee"
This is Maddy... Isn't she just the sweetest?  And super obedient!

Earlier today,  I finished up the Christmas cards...

Then we mailed them!

You may think "So What", but that's pretty good for me! 
I made the cards, I addressed the cards, we mailed the cards... and it's only the 10th!
With all that done...
Why stop there? 
 I was somehow, motivated enough to wash the wheelhouse windows inside and out.

 It needs ALOT more than window cleaning, but at least we can see clearly out the windows now!

After all that today,
we decided to take advantage of the Hot Tub and Swimming Pool...

We enjoyed the hot tub, then swam laps in the pool, then hot tub again.
Nice... hopefully we will do that every night.

Yesterday we enjoyed our day just the same...
we explored the town of Desert Hot Springs, a bit...
and rode our bicycles up and down through all the loops here.

and Jeff didnt fall down!

IT'S TIME FOR BED!  So thats all for now!


  1. I bet your tired after all that in one We are stuck in Shreveport for doctors all next week. Have a great time in the sun.

  2. So Jeff's ankle must be feeling much better - that's good. It looks like you are sure enjoying that wonderful desert weather. BTW, we are slated for a high of 41F here today :(

  3. I definitely looks like you two are enjoying yourself. Love the hot tub pictures! Keep on keeping on!

  4. glad to see you are settling in just fine!!!..enjoy all the Sands has to offer!!

  5. Aahhhh... I can almost feel that warm hot tub water! Thanks for sharing...

  6. Maddy is gorgeous with her little cap on.

    BTW, Come by and wash my windows ! They are so full of dirt from the desert.

  7. Soaking up Vitamin D in the sunshine, doing your cards out in the sun, bike riding in the sun, even washing your windows in the sun. Sounds like a good day in the sun!

  8. Yup, sure are loving those photos of The Sands. Glad you're enjoying the sunshine and friends there. I'm also glad that you're biking without accidents, that's good! Best Holiday wishes, and thanks for the Jib Jab e-card...that was very good. Merry Christmas to you both.

  9. Nice to see you are getting all settled in. Hot tub and pool, happy hour with friends, life's good. Hope you have a great week!

  10. The Sands is a nice smaller resort, isn't it? Sure seems as though you are well ensconced there. Enjoy!

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