Friday, December 2, 2011

This Park Blows!

Or at least it DID blow... and hard!  The wind stopped late last night, but our collapsible garbage can left and hasn't been seen.

Jeff's ankle still isn't looking too good. 
It seemed it was getting better, so we went out for a bit on Wednesday and Thursday.
 He wasn't on it alot, but it may have been too much... he is paying for it today. 
Wednesday, we took a drive out to Lake Mead NRA. 

I should have known, being a National Park or NRA, that it would cost. 
But we hadn't thought about it and we were unpleasantly surprised that they wanted
 10 of our dollars just to drive to or by the lake. 
We considered turning around, but decided we had come that far...
 we would continue on.

 Our opinion was pretty much... "Whoopty-Doo!"

We checked out the campground there,
and it looked like a place we would like to stay some time.
There are no hookups but beautiful and only $10 night.
We will put it on our list of future places to stay.
Once we were in the park, we remembered we needed fuel... we were on empty.
We drove out the other end of the park, and felt all turned around... we turned left, and found ourselves in Arizona.  We passed by Hoover Dam, or the turnoff for it anyway... I dont know... we were feeling lost.  We were on a freeway heading to Kingman, AZ with no gas stations nearby.  We were about to cross over the grass median to get turned around, when we came across an official turn-around!   Yay... we didn't find ourselves stranded.

Next Stop was Costco... then Ethel M Chocolates -
  Chocolate factory and Cactus garden that is decorated for the holidays.

The lights would have been more spectacular after dark, but it was still beautiful.
Then the factory, where we were given free all-natural yummy chocolate!

That is about all the Show & Tell I have for Wednesday.

What do I have to tell you for Thursday?
Well... in the evening we went up to our favorite local casino... Arizona Charlies... to spend a little time and hopefully not alot of money.

We played some Keno, and bounced around to some Penny Slots.  I sat myself at a Penny Machine, and Jeff took off to find a potty (he does that alot lately it seems).
Anyway...  I chatted with the old man at the machine next to me between pulls.
Up came row after row of the indian faces.  It made noise and flashed WIN 80,000!
What!  80,000??
Granted... I am playing Pennies... but that is $800.00!!
Seriously?  I just won $800??
I started screaming and dancing and yelling for my husband!  Where is my husband??  Soon the whole casino it seemed, was looking at me and looking for my husband!
It was great exciting fun.  Jeff finally showed up when I had my ticket in hand... for $813.21!
We cashed that one out, and came home ! (soon after)


  1. Way to go..$800.00 That will help out in your travels. Maybe buy Jeff a cane.... Travel safe

  2. congrats on your big win!!!..$800 is pretty darn nice!!!

  3. Love the cactus garden. I bet it does look gorgeous at night.
    OMG...that is fabulous!!! That paid for your gas and more. Enjoy your winnings! Don't spend it all in one place.

  4. Not bad for a day out and some fun to go with it..

  5. WOW...$ that's a nice windfall! Way to go!!! Enjoy the weekend. Eat chocolate.

  6. Great win...and smart of you to hit the "cash out" button! Gotta love that last photo - giggled at the snowman among the cactus. Sure hope Jeff's ankle improves - it looks pretty bad.

  7. Congrats on your winnings. Smart to cash out at that point!

  8. I gotta say I would really resent having to pay $10.00 just to drive around a Park. I probably would have turned around !! LOL

    But winning $800 is AWESOME !! I often wonder why I never win anything - hmmmm, ya think it might be because I never play ?? hahaha

  9. Oh, good heavens!!!! Isn't that a great thing?? To win, never, ever have i, or even known anyone who won anything like that, HOW GREAT!!!

  10. Hope Jeff's ankle starts feeling better. Ethel M's chocolates looks like it would be fun to visit during the holidays, I like the decorations. Saw your comment on Ricks site that your headed toward the Sands, nice park we enjoyed our visit and would of liked to of stayed longer.

  11. I figured since we just arrived in Vegas, I should read through your Vegas blogs! We are staying at Arizona Charlies RV Park. Maybe we'll have similar luck in their casino!! You hit it big!

    Got lots of tips...thanks!


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