Monday, April 9, 2012

Cave Creek, Arizona

Another quick update...
I seem to have lost interest in blogging.  But I can handle a short update.

Lets see... We were in Ruidoso, NM at last post.  From there, we were headed to Payson, with a nights stop somewhere along the way since Payson, AZ is 400 miles away.  It was a beautiful day, and we were enjoying the drive, so at each place that we could have stopped, we kept going... just a little further.  But a few "just a little further"'s took us to the land of no options it seemed.  We were tired and it was getting dark... all we needed was a good pull-off for the night.  There had been so many earlier, but no longer.  At 340 miles, near the place of Heber, we managed to find an RV park.  It definitely wasnt worth the money, except that we were desperate.

The next day we had only a 60 mile drive to Payson.  At Payson, we stayed 2 nights in the parking lot of the Mazatzal Casino.  It was another great "boondocking" experience!  It was quiet, not many other vehicles around, and we even had wi-fi.

April 2 we had a 5-day reservation at Cave Creek Recreation Area, which is at the North end of Phoenix, AZ.

We have friends in the area, so we've enjoyed lots of good times with them.

AND.... Guess what else?? 

We bought another Harley!

It's a Heritage... with the same Thunderheader pipes that I have on my Heritage.
So now we have His and Hers Heritages.

There are alot more used bikes for sale here and at better prices... so we took advantage of that... and we get to finally enjoy this great riding weather!

The plan is to sell our Ultra Classic when we get back to Oregon.  It is a great bike, but just too big and heavy.  But since we dont have our Swivelwheel carrier with us... I will be riding the bike home following Jeff in the 5er.  It will be another experience!

We have other friends, fellow RVers, who are camphosting out of Congress, AZ... just 60 miles from where we are here.  Duane bought his first Harley 6 months ago, so we were anxious to join up with him for a ride.

With all that...  We were having just too much fun to leave after our 5 day reservation.  So we are still here... although we had to change sites.  We will leave here this Saturday... with 2 weeks to get ourselves back to Oregon.


  1. Hey you two...We are parked right next door to Duane and Louise. They said we all are getting together this week. We may leave here on Friday, so get those plans together and get up here before then.
    Congratulations on the new bike. It looks soooo big to me. Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. great new bike you got there!..his and hers how exciting!!!..a brief update is better than no update at all!..enjoy the sunshine!!!

  3. Let us know when you want to get together. I really had a good time on our ride. Looking forward to doing it again sometime

  4. Great blog, good to hear from you guys and to know all is well with you both. Cool bike!!!

  5. I just found your blog tonight and love it. Wow, a 3 Harley family. I guess I will just tag along.

  6. Congrats on the new bike, John thinks it looks awesome. We stayed at Cave Creek last year and really enjoyed it.

  7. You two remind us of our old life back in AZ before RV travels. We both had Harleys and had a blast exploring AZ on them. Enjoy AZ and the new ride!

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