Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Phoenix to Wickenburg to Lake Havasu to Vegas to Tonapah to Fallon...

It's easier to just not post when I wait too long... but here it goes.  At my last post on April 9th, we were enjoying our time at Cave Creek, Arizona.  We continued to enjoy our time there for a few more days. 

Then on to Wickenburg, AZ where we stayed at Constellation Park.  It is a campground with developed sites but no hookups, for $5 night.  Its very worth it.  We stayed 3 nights.

 While we were there we met up with Duane and Louise for a ride on our Harley's to Prescott.  Jeff and I had never been there, and the ride was awesome!

From Wickenburg, we moved on to Lake Havasu City, AZ for a few nights at Cattail Cove SP.  It was SO hot!  We spent some time at the lakefront beach at the park, but we spent most of our time exploring the area.  One day we rode to Parker then over the border into California to check out an RV park there for a workamping possibility.  The other day we rode to Lake Havasu City to see the sights.

Next Stop on our journey back to Oregon, was Las Vegas again.  We intended to stay one night parked for free in the Fiesta Henderson Casino parking lot, since we had heard that they allowed overnight parking... but that was not true.  They advised us to move to Sams Town, which has a parking lot for trucks and RVs... so we did... but they too told us we could not stay overnight!

I was SO HOT and exhausted from the ride in the 100 degree sun, this was very frustrating... but with no other options, we moved on to an RV park, where we ended up staying 2 nights due to heat exhaustion and the need to do some laundry.  We stayed hooked up again, and rode to see some sights that we missed when we were here last time, like Fremont District (Old Vegas Strip).

Yesterday we drove and rode to Tonapah, where we found a lot that advertised Free Truck and RV Parking on the North side of town next door to the Blanc Casino.  And they really meant it... they let us stay overnight with no problem.  It was safe and we slept great!

Today we drove and rode to Fallon, NV where we are parked at the Bonanza Inn Casino in their "RV Park".  We stayed here on our way through last time, and its a no frills parking lot but with full hookups.

So there you have it... the last 2 weeks.  We will move on to our destination of Rogue River, OR in the next few days.  We will be there 2 weeks before going North to our Workamping job near Portland for the Summer.

Hope you are all well... Enjoying Life and Staying Safe and Healthy.


  1. Glad to hear from you and that you are still 'rollin' along!!

  2. great recap...once you get back to Oregon the heat will be turned down for you!!

  3. Sorry again that we just missed you two. Glad the bike got fixed and you got to ride with Duane and Louise.
    Enjoy your time in OR. We will be up that way come June. Not sure if we will be in the same area.

  4. Drive safe guys.... We really enjoyed our ride together and are looking forward to the next time we get close enough to ride together again

  5. Nice to see you had a nice ride on the bike to Prescott with your friends. We wish you both safe travels back to Oregon and enjoyed reading your update.

  6. Great to see you post - we get a little 'lax' as well from time to time.Yes, also had to leave the beautiful Lake Mead NP boulder beach area, because it was too hot to sleep at night. Loved that Prescott drive. Safe travels back to Oregon and have a great summer.

  7. Looks like great fun. I wish I had been there. I have reached a point that I really don't like too hot or too cold. So, I entirely understand!

  8. Wow you are really on the move. Safe travels to your destination!

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