Saturday, January 26, 2013

8 Sleeps until Superbowl!

Yep that's right... only 8 more sleeps until them 49ers go to the Superbowl!  Last week I was rooting for the 49ers and the Ravens... and it worked!  Next Sunday I will scream for those 49ers until they WIN!

We have planned a Superbowl Party here at the park, down in the clubhouse.  We went to Costco last night and bought munchies for the Superbowl.  I saw a commercial tonight for the Puppy Bowl which is on before the Superbowl.  I will be sure to watch that as well!

So what does this cactus have to do with the Superbowl... or anything else??
Nothing really.  I just dont have any related pictures to post,  This is Cactus Harry... named this because our friend Harry gave it to us off his property when we visited him last year near Phoenix.
Harry is having a timeout in the corner because he stuck me twice in one day with its clusters of barbed spine!  These prickly pear cactus are not something you want to mess with!

We got a text from RV friends, Steve & Roberta, today... saying they were at a bar in Galveston, and they wished we were there.  Ya... we do too!  This is a photo taken from one of our favorite Happy Hour places when we were in Galveston last February or March.
Steve & Roberta are headed to New Orleans, just as we were when we were there.  But we were a little later in the year and the storms had started so we chickened out and turned around.  We sure hope to make it to Louisiana and Florida... maybe late in 2013.

Well I've worked my 2 days for the week, and I dont have to work for 5 days!  whoo-hoo!
Jeff on the other hand only has one day off, then works one day, then has another day off, then another work day, then another day off!  We will keep with this schedule another 6 weeks... then we are on the road again!

Hope to see some of you down the road!


  1. Well I gotta go with the Ravens!! It's bound to be a good game at any rate.

  2. Jeff is working way to much it seems to me... I got a new toy...a 2012 Heritage

  3. Love the cactus story. Hope Harry learns his lesson.

    1. really... I think its me that has learned the lesson.

  4. Enjoy the Super Bowl. We've decided to leave on Friday so not sure where we will be for the big game, but somewhere on the coast. Watch out for Harry, those stickers hurt!

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