Monday, December 20, 2010

Still here...

It's been awhile since we've posted a blog.  Did anyone notice??

We've sold 725 Trees, but still have 36 remaining.  Its looking very bare in our tent.  We decided we could finish up ourselves, so all our lot help is gone, as of last night.  We have only had one person on duty for a few hours each of the last few days.  Its slow enough that we can handle it, and we've decided that thecustomers can wait their turn if we're busy with another person.  It's not like any of us can go anywhere else without having to wait in line... right?
Sara dressed up yesterday in her elf outfit, and waved a Christmas Tree sign up and down the road in front of us.  There were constant honks and waves.  Then, helping a family last night, she actually had a young boy convinced that she was a real elf.  He asked her if she would please tell Santa "hi" for him.  It was a fun day.

We've started tearing our lot down and cleaning up... doing as much as we can, and still sell trees.

The owners told all the lot managers this morning, that we will still be selling Christmas Eve day, if the trees arent sold before then.  Boy, I sure hope they sell... but even if our trees sell, and another lots trees arent sold, they will probably bring us trees from their lot!

I thought I would help us out by taking one of our tabletop Noble's and putting it in our trailer.  We havent had any room to put it because we had crap everywhere!  BUT... I found time to really clean this morning, and found a space for our little tree.  Actually, some friends that we met at Sugarite Canyon, NM were coming by this morning to visit, and I didnt want them to see our new home in the mess it was in.  Its so cozy in there now!  I cant wait to go in and relax tonight.  We've had the AC on all day... its been very warm, but now its cooling off, so tonight we can go in and turn on the fireplace and enjoy our clean cozy home with Christmas tree!

Our little Christmas tree

Our creativity showing through here... with this tree with a broken top.  It sold!!

Sara the Elf

We cut a bunch of our trees down to a more popular size... BEFORE all the people came in asking for taller trees!!

Tearing down the flocking room  (before more customers come in asking for a flocked tree!)



  1. Hey.....welcome back! I thought the Christmas Tree Elf may have taken you guys!

    Looks like business was pretty good!

  2. I am in Ohio so I didn't know Paul posted until I started my comment. Glad to see you are both doing well. Love the elf pictures. I hope you do sale all those trees and FAST!
    The house looks beautiful.
    Merry Christmas to you both!

  3. Hope you two are now resting! We hope you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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