Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hidden Valley in San Antonio

It was SO nice this morning to wake up to QUIET!  No sound here... we must not be the only ones here for the solitude.  We spent a quiet day here at the park.  We stayed inside until late morning, then we walked and visited neighbors, then late afternoon we drove up I-35 a few miles to a mall and H.E.B.  H.E.B. seems to be the Albertsons or Safeway in this area.  We needed drinking water and milk, and Jeff needed some new Levi's.  We had a good time out, but we were anxious to get back too.

This really is a hidden valley (as is the name of the RV park).  It's a bit of country in the city.  When we leave here we have decided that we want to visit the Gulf.  So the plan is to stay at Mustang Island State Park on the Gulf, outside of Corpus Christi.  The weather was beautiful, again today, and I guess we are fortunate... hearing all the bad weather all over the States.

We sold our Harley Fatboy!  That is happy and sad news.  Jeff may miss the bike a bit, but we didn't need the bike, so the money in the bank probably makes more sense.  It's not like we are without a motorcycle...  we still have two, and we will ride them during the months we are back in Oregon.

It looks like we may have another camp host job... its not definite yet, but we may be at Prineville State Park for the month of May.  If that is the case, we will be going back to Oregon in April.


  1. Sounds like you two are enjoying some well deserved rest! You won't be too far from us in Mission. If you head closer that way give us a shout! I love HEB. They have everything and lots of stuff I shouldn't buy but....
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both.

  2. Glad you're having a good time folks. Hope to see you on Saturday at the College Footbal Marathon Eat-a Thon.

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