Saturday, December 4, 2010

Havin' Fun Sellin Trees!

All is going well, here in warm San Antonio.  Our hands are filthy, our arms are scratched up, Jeff's shoes are ruined from flock, our clothes are stained and sticky with pitch... when we close our eyes, all we see are tree branches and needles, and when its quiet, I still have Christmas tunes playing in my head.  We're having a great time!!  When we leave here, we are heading for the desert... where there are no trees!

Sara has started dressing up as an elf, and its a great hit.  She carries around glitter that we use on flocked trees, and throws it into the air as magic dust for the children.  She is a joy to have here... we scored with getting her.

Last night, a teenage boy decided he wanted to be netted, so Jeff pulled him through the netter, and stood him up.  Then his dad loaded him on top the car.  They were our last customers of the day, so we all had fun with it.

Here's a few pics...

I look very tired... I was.  This was this morning at 9:00, after closing at 9:30 last night.


  1. You two are cracking us up! You are becoming quite the humorous writer. Love it! You two have a great set up. I never saw any set up like yours back in Ohio and that is were they really need it with all the snow. Tell Jeff we want to see him dressed up like an elf...LOL. Now that would be a GREAT picture. Enjoy your day! Miss you two. Sure you don't want to stop down in the Valley and see us this winter?

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