Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fire Burn by Night... Sun Burn by Day

Sheryl caught fire last night! 
but on the ball Jeff managed to get her put out before she was consumed.


This took off like we had never seen.  All of a sudden there were flames shooting up Sheryl's leg!  Both of us slapped at it while dancing around the fire.  Ruined lounge pants but just a singed leg.  That was last night.
Today it was SO warm... a very hot sun.  a little time in it and our skin is a slight burn.  It will turn to tan, we hope.  So nothing alarming with either really... just thought it made for a good title!

We dont have alot more to tell right now...

For Valentines Day we drove North 30 miles to Artesia, NM and had Italian for Valentines Day.  We thought we were going out for an early dinner, but the popular Italian Restaurant we had heard about turned  out to be a diner style Italian restaurant.  So the atmosphere wasnt what we were expecting, but they did have very good food.  We planned to see the town and do our grocery shopping, but we both felt so tired, we bought a few groceries to get us by for a few more days and came home.  From what we saw, there wasn't much to see... but we got out!
Jeff had a Valentines day card for me and a box of chocolates so we started the morning by sitting in bed eating chocolates and being romantic.  He had gone to town a few days before to get propane so he had a chance to get this for me.  I had no such chance.  But I made it up to him in other ways!
We will be out of here one week from today, and I think we are ready to move on... but where... which way will we turn when we get to the highway?  Isnt this fun?


  1. Egad!! Glad you got it out quickly!!

  2. I am not sure what you mean but "made it up to him in other ways". Could you please be a bit more explicit?

    Glad you didn't get badly burned. Remember: stop, drop, and roll. That would have been quite a site!

  3. Glad she wasn't hurt. I thought Artesia was kind of interesting. There are lots of statues, and lots of history. The one of the big oil rig with workers on it also has a water fountain, and it was really something. We enjoyed our stay there.

  4. Hey there
    Boy it looks like your burnt yourself also.
    And I agree no more night clothes at the camp fire.
    Boy you should see it here we got a lot of snow or at least for me it is a lot.
    Shirley said they got 1 foot. They can't get out of the driveway.
    I miss you two.
    I can't wait to hear in person about your travels. Keep the blog coming.
    Love ya

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