Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just a brief post to share some photos.  We visited the park office/visitor center this morning to find out about the hiking trails.  The trail does go for over 6 miles, but there are views for all of the trail, and the cabin on the mountain is 2.9 miles up the trail.  The cabin is most likely as far as we will hike... maybe. 

We went for a morning walk on a lower trail that leads to and beside a stream... very nice,  but we didnt have the camera for that.

After our morning walk, we went into Alamogordo to look around and get a few groceries.  Alamogordo seems to have all we would ever need in the way of stores, and we found out where the laundromat is, whenever we get around to washing clothes again.

Back at the park, we decided to check out the Dog Canyon Trail.  We knew we wouldn't make it very far this afternoon, but we wanted to get a feel for the trail. 

hard to believe this is really a trail

View of the Campground

This is really a trail?

On our way back down
We hiked up less than 1/2 mile!  But we were told by the camphosts  (who were sitting in the sun watching us hike up the mountain) that the part we hiked was the most difficult part of the trail.  So that is encouraging.  Wind is in the forecast tomorrow so we may not make the hike to the cabin tomorrow, but we will in a day soon.


  1. Hi guys, Great pix and great stories. Ginny has been keeping me informed e on whats going on outside of your blog. Sheryl, no need to worry, I have her best interests at heart. All's well. Trust me.

    We are planning on trying to meet up with you guys when ya hit Oregon. we're both looking forward to it.

    Take care and be safe.
    Your friend,
    Harley too. {:<0))

  2. It stinks when the older people go faster than we do. Me I would have ran them down and told them to stay behind me. LOL

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