Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving Day... or Not?

Last night was 22 days at this site, and the limit is 21.  Even though nobody has reserved this site and the park only has a few of us here... after talking to the park host and one of the park rangers, it looked like we would either need to move to a site in the "first come" area, or move on.  So after much dilemna, we decided that we would get busy "breaking down camp".

 Jeff got to work outside... he got the chairs and the bikes loaded, packed up our new firepit, disconnected the barbeque... while I put things away inside and moved the furniture into their travel location.  I had everything in its place (perhaps in record time) when the Park Superintendant pulled up.  He apologized that he had been unavailable earlier, but told us that we could stay here at our site on a night by night basis, as long as no one reserved it.  SO... we didn't move!  We put everything back, then went into town for our semi-weekly grocery shopping.

The last few days have been alot warmer and sunny, but this afternoon a strong wind hit and is blowing in that cold front that you may be hearing about.  But its not suppose to be anything like we were hit with last week.  It should be back into the 60s and 70s by Friday.

Last Friday it warmed up... and the pipes and tanks thawed out... No breaks!!
Our friends, James and Laura showed up with little Callie and spent the day. 

Callie found a bone

the Sunshine felt so good, we enjoyed a fire

Jeff and Sheryl with little Callie



  1. We haven't been able to have a camp fire since we bought our wood. It is too cold after sundown, but if we don't get busy, we won't be able to have any at all. Glad you got to spend time with friends. Love your little Wheel Life saying up top. Too cute....

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