Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awaiting the THAW...

Friday February 4
Today... we are anxiously awaiting for things to thaw. 
I've never been so excited for the temperature to reach 34 degrees!

Yesterday (Thur)... Tired of sitting inside the wheel house, staring at the snow and ice,
we decided to drive into town, and accomplish something. 
See that temperature?

kinda cool...

We have put off Laundry long enough... there isn't anything else to do in this cold,
so we might as well go wash clothes!

bored and cold

Now Jeff is happy.... he gets to wear clean underwear tomorrow!
Laundry is done!  Now if we can just get the pipes to thaw out so we can have a shower!!

My husband is the Breakfast King!

This has felt more like Winter in Canada!

Cant wait until its warm enough to really do some walking.  This is just too cold...
and its so much work to get bundled up for such a short walk.

James and Laura (and Callie) may be coming for a visit in a couple hours.  Sure wish I could get a shower before they get here... but it doesnt look like the thaw will happen that soon.


  1. We were at Brantley Lake last year, somewhere around this same time frame. Even though I recognize the surrounding geography, I find it difficult to imagine the snow there, it looks so very different. By the way, your photos are really great!


  2. WOW...and I thought we were cold! This is another winter of crazy weather. I can't believe it was so cold inside the laundromat. Rick looks like he is freezing with his gloves on and doing laundry...LOL. We did have ice yesterday. Today is the beginning of the warm up...Thank God!!! The area does look beautiful in the snow and ice. Hope it warms REALLY SOON!

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