Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Mexico to Oregon - Day 1

11:50am MT
After breakfast, a walk, tucking last minute things away, then dumping all the tanks... We are finally on our way!  May be later than we had hoped for... but it's still morning! 

1:15pm MT
We activated our XM Radio in our Chevy truck when we took off over a year ago, but I guess our subscription ran out because it stopped working awhile back.  With all this driving, the radio stations fading in and out is already driving us crazy... so I just renewed it and we have our satellite radio blastin once again!

2:45pm MT  -  Albuquerque

Taking I-40 West... Arizona here we come!

3:00pm MT
We need a break... this looks like a good place. 

$3.92 beats the $4.15 we paid in Elephant Butte!
4:20pm MT
On the road again... destination unknown.

7:15pm MT
Crossing over into Arizona. 

7:50pm MT
It's getting too dark to enjoy the scenery... I'm ready to stop for the night, but Jeff is still good with going further.

Stopped to get diesel fuel.  It was $4.02... we filled 'er back up for $80.
Hey this looks like a good place to stay for the night.  I confirmed inside that it would be okay, then we settled in to an open dirt lot beside the truck plaza.

I will get a better picture in the morning.
For those of you RV'ers traveling the I-40 in Arizona looking for a place to rest for the night... this is exit 292.  I will tell you in the morning if it went alright.

We didn't bother with the generator.  I warmed up food on the stove and we ate and came to bed where Jeff is reading and I am finishing up today's blog.

Should be no reason why we can't pull out of here early in the morning.
We drove 406 miles today... and that was with leaving at Noon.  So we should be in Las Vegas area tomorrow evening.

Good Night All!


  1. That's a lot of miles for one day, don't know if we could do it. Hope you get a good night's rest and have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Sirius was one of the first things we signed up for when we hit the road. You really put some miles on today. I try to keep it at 250 to 300 miles on our traveling days. We never have boondocked while traveling, but I would like to try it.

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