Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looking to Travel EAST.... We Need Your Input!!

Attention Fellow Travelers or Full-Timer's ... we need your help.!

We would like to see the East Coast and the New England States. 
        But we don't know where to go!

We are in Oregon and we have been full-time RVers for less than 2 years.  We have seen all the Western States... We have been as far as South Dakota, Colorado and Texas. 
We've also been to a few other States on our way to and from Indiana to pick up our fifth wheel... but it was a quick trip, and we werent real impressed.

We look at the map and we could take the Interstates through all the States, and say we were there, but we want to EXPERIENCE all the States.   We don't know one part of a State from the other... we dont know one city or town from the other.

That's where YOU come in!  Where should we Visit?  Where should we NOT visit?  When is the best time to be there?  The worst time?  We can put up with some cold... and we can put up with some heat... but we dont really want to be in the middle of a hurricane or ice storm!

We can do our research on the internet... but we would like to hear it first hand.  So if you have some tips and suggestions for us, we are waiting!

Oh  ya.... we dont have a lot of money for this... so any tips you can give us for "best deals" is certainly helpful too!



  1. OH! Have I got a list for you! As a New Englander and camping fanatic, I'm going to email the list when I have time to write it all down. September, October and early November is the BEST time of the year to enjoy the North East coast. the tourists are gone and the weather is fine. Watch for an email (but don't hold your breath!)
    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Don't miss Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Stay at Cades Cove on the TN side for a few days and then go across the mountains to Smokemont Campground in the NC side. Beautiful country & lots of great hiking!

  3. This is a great way to find great places. We haven't done the New England states with the MH so we can't help you there. Good luck with your request. I think you will get so much input, you will have to spend days filtering it out!
    If you are going through any of the states we have been to, I will help you all I can.

  4. We spent a month in New England, here are our comments (and don't miss parts of PA either): http://2takinga5th.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-gorgeous-summer.html







    June-Oct are all good months for the NE with leaf-peeping in Sept-Oct.

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