Sunday, October 30, 2011

Countdown #1

We are packing up and will be pulling out from here on Tuesday morning.  We don't want to leave!!  We love it here!  We have to remind ourselves that it will only be getting colder, and we like warmth, so we're going to follow the sun.  We are scheduled to be back here September 2012... and maybe they will allow us to stay here through October again.

It's Countdown #1 because we are going from here to Southern Oregon for 8 nights, THEN it is our next big move!  We will leave from there, traveling South to Vegas and Lake Havasu, then Texas, and across the Southern States to Florida.  It will probably be April before we leave Florida heading up the East Coast, visiting the Inner Eastern States as well as the Coastal States.  We plan to spend the Summer months in and surrounding the New England States.

We've been doing alot of research of places to go and see, but are still welcoming your tips of experience!

No photos for this post!  Not a whole lot new... and Im lazy I guess.


  1. Good luck, I hope that it works out ok.

  2. Sounds like a HUGE undertaking. If you guys get to Houston, PLEASE try to stop and see us. We will be staying at the Elks in Stafford...20 min. from Houston. You don't have to be an Elk to stay there. We will be there Nov-Dec. 30. Safe travels.

  3. Let us know where you are going in Texas. We will be there Dec and part of Jan. Hope to see you there.

  4. sounds like a great trip!!..very exciting!!

  5. Jeff and Sheryl, this is a bit late, but one place I wouldn't miss is Charleston, SC. We haven't yet taken our rig to the northeast except for a dip into New York and Pennsylvania when we went to Ontario and Niagara Falls. However, we did a six week December, January trip to the southeast in December 2007. You might check the blog to get an idea of what we saw, the weather, etc for that time period. My biggest dream is to stay in the Florida state parks for a couple of winter months some year. If you read Paul and Nina's blog, they were there last year and Nina has written about the beautiful quiet remote campgrounds with water and walking trails and beaches that are nothing like the Florida you might imagine. Northern Florida is truly beautiful.

    Sue at

  6. On another note. We live not far from HWY 97 possibly on your route south. Bummer. On Tuesday morning we are heading west for a few days at the coast. There is a storm predicted for the next few days, so travel safe and get over those passes before it hits!

  7. Never did over to see u and i am right here in Redmond! Your trip sounds truly wonderful, safe travels!!

  8. Sure glad you'll be back next year. Sounds like you have a wonderful journey planned, and we'll look forward to sharing it with you. Your pictures are always great, and you make us feel that we're right there, enjoying the ride! Stay safe, and have a great trip.

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