Sunday, January 20, 2013


At last... some REALLY Warm days!  The weather the past several days has been amazing!

Soaking in the Sun... Motorcycle Rides without bundling, Warm Walks in shorts & tank tops, its all good if its in the Sun!

I recline in the Sun and watch my man work!

This past week the schedule was changed yet again!  Now Jeff will work 4 days each week.  We will both work our 2 days, then Jeff will work 2 extra days, every other day, to assure that the park is well maintained.  It means a few more dollars to apply to future travels, so its all good with us.

We plan to give it until mid-March here, then go to Southern Oregon for a week, before traveling further South and East.  We have several friends to meet up with in Arizona before settling in Utah for the Summer.

We have friends to meet up with in Iowa after we leave Utah... then we may travel together to the New England States in the Fall.  We've talked about the possibility of Wintering out in Florida... perhaps getting a workamping job for the Winter.  Never know what the next year will hold!

We had a dinner get-together at the park Friday night.  Deven, one of the monthly tenants, agreed to make clam chowder for "us" at the request and expense of another monthly tenant, Jim.  But somehow, Jim forgot!  Deven had the meal ready, guests had arrived, but Jim was not here!  So I called Jim and found him to have gone for a drive... he was up in the snow and said he would be back in a couple days.  Hmmm... Okay... well Thank you Deven for all your hours of hard work on a very good home cooked clam chowder, delicious garlic bread and a beautiful salad!  This guy should have been a Chef!  The other guy... well, thank you for your generosity... but maybe we should get you a day planner.
It was an awesome meal and we all had a fun time.

Today we worked, but also made sure to watch the football game.  My throat hurt by afternoon, but way to go Niners!  what a game!!


  1. glad that the two of you are basking in some warm sunshine!! great new header shot!!

  2. Love that header photo. We only have 2 weeks left. yeah!!!!

  3. Glad to hear you are having better weather. Sounds like that park needs to do a better job with their hiring. What would they have done without you two there? Be safe in your travels.

  4. Sounds like the good life...Jeff works, you watch.

  5. Love that header photo! YES,'s wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

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