Saturday, January 5, 2013

It happened AGAIN!

Really???  We were abandoned by the newly hired park managers AGAIN!  They lasted 6 weeks… about the same time the first managers lasted.
So once again we ran the park ourselves 7 days a week… but only for 2 weeks this time.

But we now have new managers again!!  How long will they stay??
We were pleased to see them towing a Harley when they came in… but when would we be able to ride together??

The owners came for 3 days to give us a break and train the new hosts/managers.  So we enjoyed sleeping in and being free to venture out or not!

On New Years Eve Day we met up with RV 06-P1000549Friends, John and Janie, in Chico. Chico is half-way between us.  They are work camping at a park out of Winters.
We first met at Triple-T-RV Resort between Kerrville and Bandera Texas in February 2012.

Our best friendships seem to now be with fellow RVers.

We’ve been actively searching for our next work camping or hosting assignment.  We have found the one we want for the Summer, but don’t have an answer yet.  It is in Moab, Utah.  We visited the area in August 2011 on our Harleys.  Maybe on my next post I can announce that we have a plan!


  1. You two have sure be challenged in this position. You can change your resume to read...where any hat handed us! Hope these managers stick around til you two leave for your next adventure.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Why so hard to find managers who will stay?
    Glad to see a new blog from you!!!:)

  3. Glad we got to spend some time together! Hope these new managers work out. :)

  4. Nice to see you smiling faces again, no matter what the reason for this post! Hope things will smooth out for you soon, and you can get a little riding time in. We keep hoping for some sunshine up here, but it's been more grey than blue in the sky. Not quite as rainy as it was, but it's a bit colder, and real cloudy. It is a wonderful thing to establish friendships with people you have met in different places while traveling. It provides a unique opportunity. You guys have a great life together, and have learned to focus on the important things in your lives. Good for you, and thanks for sharing.

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