Thursday, April 11, 2013

Moving South and East

We moved out of Redding RV Park as planned on March 29th.  Headed for Valley of the Rogue State Park, out of Rogue River, Oregon.

We settled into our reserved space for 8 nights… which turned into 13 nights.

The weather didn’t cooperate too well for working outside at our house or playing outside, but we did get some things done, and enjoyed our time back in Southern Oregon.

We had the chance to spend some time with family. 

My parents live just a few miles from the park, and my sister, Carol, came down from Portland.

Our hope was to have both of Jeff’s sons together for a few days, but we are happy for what we did get.  Jacob and his girlfriend Kody drove down from Madras and spent 2 nights.

Sadly, Jonathan did not join us, but we did get a chance to see him briefly a few nights later.  We spent a few hours together around a roaring campfire… but failed to get any pictures!

Now we are driving the familiar route from Oregon to Reno.  We take I-5 to Mt.Shasta then turn off on Hwy 89 that cuts us over to Susanville then we take the 395 into Reno.  It’s a beautiful drive, but a lot of climbing and descending, and a little winding.

We passed one of our favorite pull-over boondocking spots, where we would have stayed last night if we had gotten away as originally planned.  But since we didn’t leave until this morning, we will drive through to the Reno area 328 miles, where we hope to stay Sparks Marina RV Park.  I better give them a call.

Its good to be on the road again.  Although the same excitement isn’t there this time.  Maybe because we have plans and set destinations.  It isn’t like we are just free floating gypsy’s… that’s exciting… and we  could be doing that now… but when you are 62 feet long, you cant always just expect there will be a place to stay.  We have 2 two week reservations at parks in Arizona, then its off to Moab, Utah for our Summer assignment. 

Happy Travels all of you fellow RVers!


  1. Nice to see you had a chance for some family time. Sure would like to take your Reno route someday to take in all the scenery. Hope you enjoy your time in Arizona. Wishing you and Jeff both safe travels.

  2. It will be interesting to hear how you like Moab.

  3. That's the route we like to take to Reno. Beautiful drive. We had oped to get over there to see my brother this week but things didn't work out. Hope you have a great time in Moab.

  4. Wonderful photos of the family. Everyone looks good.

    Looking forward to your next adventure.

  5. We love Utah. Lots of good riding out there. Hope you enjoy your next assignment.

  6. We will be excited to read about your adventures this summer in Moab! Where will you guys be working? We are working at Madison Campground in Yellowstone this summer for Xanterra.

  7. Safe Travels Our Friends....... Hope to hook up with you one of these days soon....... Steve and Roberta

  8. So funny what a small world this is. You follow our blog and I enjoy reading yours. We are headed to Redding,CA right now and plan to be in Utah sometime in June. My husband had been trying to talk me into getting the swill hitch so he can bring his motorcycle. Where will you be camp host in Utah?

    1. We will be in Moab at Spanish Trails RV park. Please get ahold of us if you get in the area.

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