Monday, April 29, 2013

Final Days at Cave Creek and moving on North

Saturday April 27
Why RVer's come to Arizona in the WINTER!
Why Arizonians with RV's leave for the Northwest in Spring/Summer!

101 degrees today.  We took the Harley to Costco in early afternoon, since this was our last chance for Costco for... ? awhile.
It was too much for me.  It used to be that I loved the heat... no matter how hot.  But I guess our bodies change, and I cant seem to handle this heat the past week.  I wonder how I will handle the Summer in Moab Utah.

Our friends, Harry & Drina, leave in 2 weeks for camp host assignments on the Oregon Coast and on the Columbia Gorge in Northern Oregon.  NOW I understand their love for Oregon in Summer.

But regardless of the heat, we have very much enjoyed our 2 weeks here.  Good times with good friends... crackling fires under a starry sky... warm rides... but not a lot of hiking on the trails.  The heat is one reason, the other reason is this...

Blends in with its surroundings quite well... don't you think?
Turtle burgers??
I had never had turtle before... but I was willing to give it a try.
Harry and Emma were quite proud of their turtle burgers.

Cute little boy...
One morning last week, Drina came by with Levi, a just turned One year old.  Drina babysits a few mornings a week.  He was a delight!  A much more enjoyable way to enjoy our morning coffee.

There isn't a lot of water in the desert, and it was calling our name.  Even though we didn't get in the water or go out on the water... it was still nice being by the water.  (They charge crazy prices to rent a boat!)

 Jeff and I rode out to Lake Pleasant last week and enjoyed lunch at Dillons at  Scorpion Bay Marina.  We (not just us... but everyone around us) tossed pieces of bread and fries into the lake where the ducks darted for it, but if we tossed in enough it floated down and got the attention of the fish... there were ALOT of fish... BIG fish... if only we could toss a string in!

BUT we forgot our camera that day.  SO we invited Harry and Drina to go for lunch with us on Friday.  We got a few pictures (those above) but SOMEONE dropped yet another camera.

Campfires with friends...

Desert Sunsets...

Monday April 29
Dead Horse Ranch State Park...
Yesterday was travel day.  After our 2 weeks at Cave Creek we traveled 90 miles North to Dead Horse Ranch SP, in Cottonwood.  The drive was nice, and 90 miles... now that's my kind of travel day.

 Even with only 90 miles to go, we made a stop to check the swivel wheel and let the tire cool.

We weren't sure we would like this park as much, especially since we got a pull-thru site... but we immediately knew we would like it here.

There are so many surrounding places we plan to go and things to see... and a train to ride!
Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday so maybe we will do the Verde Canyon Railway ride tomorrow.  WHATEVER my man wants!


  1. What a wonderful time you two are having. Making so many memories.

    We love AZ. We have been there in the winter and spring. We loved it both times.

    The turtle burgers are a hoot.

  2. That Deadhorse place looks like a neat campsite.... 101!!! wow, that is rather warm... I would not hike either with those critters about...

  3. We like Arizona a lot too.I think that may be where we winter in the future, but we are not ready to return to the same place year after year. !00 degrees is pretty warm. Louise loves the heat, but when it hits 100 she aven says it's hot.

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