Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Settling in for our Summer gig

On the Road Again...
Williams, Arizona to Moab, Utah
360 miles
We gave ourselves 2 days to travel the 360 miles to our new workamping gig in Moab, Utah.
Kayenta, AZ was half-way, so at that point we began looking for a place that we might stay overnight.
The drive was great... in that it offered such a variety of scenery.  Mountains, canyons, trees, sagebrush, water, red rock, unique rock formations, cattle, deer, old farm houses and log cabins.
Mexican Hat Rock
Church Rock

But we drove and drove, thinking we might find a place to stay just up the road a little further.  Finally... we found a good area to stop for the night.  We were just 30 miles out of Moab!!  So it was a 330 mile day!

Here was our home for the night... 
 I fixed dinner, we ate, we walked, watched 2 movies, and had a good nights sleep. 

We've Arrived!
So we arrived early in the day at our Summer home... Spanish Trails RV Park
We settled in quite quickly.

Tomorrow we begin work. 
I will train in the morning with the gal that runs the office Monday-Friday 8-3. 
Then when I've got it down, I will start working my shift of 3-9 Wed-Fri. 
Jeff will find out where stuff is tomorrow, and start doing his thing of keeping the park looking good.

Will keep ya updated on how the job goes.


  1. How many breweries are there in Moab?

    1. Only ONE Brewery in Moab... as far as I know. BTW... we tried it out yesterday! very crowded and a little strange... but this IS Utah!

  2. Well, you have some trees and shade at least... I don't have good memories of Moab.... hot!!

  3. Great pictures - those are some very showy rocks. Hope your job goes well. I think you will be glad of the shade and grass. Looking forward to reading of your adventures and seeing pictures of Utah.

  4. glad to see you landed safely! the new job sounds like it will be a good one! hope the training goes well!

  5. Sure seems like you two are in for a fun summer. Nice spot. Moab? What is not to like.

  6. Glad to see you have some shade.Sometime need to have you let me know what your are thinking for this fall. We are open until Dec. 1st then have reservations in Fort Walton Beach FL.

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