Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back to Redding RV Park

This afternoon we arrived back at Redding RV Park in Redding, California...
where we spent 6 months workamping a year ago.  Its a beautiful day of 75 degrees!  
We didn't have this kind of weather the Winter we were here! 
We left here on March 29, 2013 and since leaving have pulled our wheel house 
10,556 miles through 36 States.  Whoo Hoo!!
We drove 295 miles yesterday, and stayed in a parking lot in Lathrop, California.
We checked out the County park campground first, but there were only back-in spaces and we were into the trees and too crowded to pull the slides out comfortably.
So we went back to this parking lot beside the freeway that we had seen.
FREE beats $25 any day!
We were on the road at 9am this morning... and that may just be a record for us.
We had only 220 miles to drive today... a very smooth travel day.
We checked the trailer tires as usual at a rest area, and the inside where the tread is worn down felt hot and a little sticky, so we're getting a little concerned.  We were hopeful that by putting more air in the tires it would keep the insides from getting more worn, and we could make it until after we've made some money at our Spring/Summer workamping job.

10 months... 10,556 miles... and 20 pounds  
  later... we are back where we started.

We will be here 2 or 3 nights... catching up with people we met here, taking care of a little business, and watching the 49er's kick Seahawk butt tomorrow!

Then we will be happy to be going back to work as park camp hosts and property caretakers soon.


  1. What a trip - that's a lot of miles. Are you hosting in Redding again this spring?

    1. No Donna, we will be hosting in Oregon for 2 months, then we will be a caretaker at a resort at Clearlake in California.

  2. What a wonderful trip you had! Great things to see and you didn't have any real bad breakdowns...that's a lot of miles and a lot of driving! Glad to see you getting back closer to home. Nice and warm there in Redding this year, and we're stuck up here in Eugene with cold foggy weather, day after day after day! You'd think we'd figure out how to avoid some of that after while, eh? Thanks for sharing all of your trip photos and blog posts. You had a lot of fun, and now you've come right back to where you started from...kinda like a lot of things in life, isn't it? Have a safe trip on home.

  3. Awesome RV trip and we enjoyed following along. Good luck with the spring and summer jobs.....and deciding on replacing those worn RV tires.

  4. You two have had the adventure of a life-time this past year. It might be nice to stay put for awhile and just chill. Enjoy your position.

  5. That's a lot of miles and a lot of fun you had on this trip.
    Don't wait to long to take care of the tires. They can do a lot of damage if you blow one going down the highway......we know!!!!

  6. Sure is an amazing adventurous life we lead, isn't it!

    We stayed in Redding last summer and enjoyed our ten days.

  7. What a trip and fun you've had! We are getting ever closer to taking off; I retire in 4 months 3 days...yeah! Dave has 3 weeks vacation and retires in October 2014. Reading your blog gives us ideas for keeping the house awhile and moving around in our RV. We still haven't figured out about our Harleys yet, though ! Oh, it is all exciting and coming more into focus though! Hope to catch up with you two someday.


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