Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good-Bye Cave Creek... Hello Vegas!

Sadly, it was time for us to leave our park in Cave Creek on Wednesday.  We had allowed ourselves 2 days to get to Las Vegas... but we ended up taking the shorter route up through Kingman, so it was only 300 miles, and all was going well so we opted to drive all the way to our destination.  Fortunately, it wasn't a problem for Las Vegas RV Resort to have us come in a night early.

A few things I will highlight of the remainder of our visit there...

Happy Birthday, Harry!
Their favorite hang-out is The Roadrunner... less than a mile from their house.  I would describe it as and old rustic cowboy biker bar... and I'll just dare Harry to actually comment on our blog and correct me if my description is inaccurate!
Friend, Jenna, led us all in singing "Happy Birthday"
It was Karaoke night, and surprisingly, Harry & Jeff volunteered to sing to us.
We wished they hadn't!  Not really... they actually entertained us quite well, WHILE staying on tune!
Monday, Drina fixed an incredible Prime Rib Roast dinner for us.  No pictures... but it was great food, great conversation, and a good movie!  We watched The Big Fish... ever seen it?  I had seen it before, but hadn't enjoyed it like I did this time.
Back at Cave Creek Regional Park... we hadn't been in a place where we could realistically put up our bird feeders, for months.  We really enjoy watching the birds, squirrels and rabbits... so when we have opportunity, we do our best to keep them satisfied and happy.

Tuesday we had the day planned with Harry & Drina.  We started out the afternoon with a trip to Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson.  Jeff has a very old pair of Riding Gloves, and the only place he has ever seen them is the museum there.  So we were hopeful they could tell us something about them...  Unfortunately, Buddy Stubbs was not there, and those that were there couldn't tell us anything.

After this, we went to Cave Creek, where we looked around at shops and had a wonderful lunch at The Hideaway.  
 But I left my camera in the truck!  (Its just not the same when I cant SHOW and Tell.)
The morning we left, Drina came by with little Levi and had coffee with me...
Outside I must say (since the weather has been so COLD in much of the country)... It was such a beautiful morning... it made it even harder to leave.
But the time had come, that we must move on down the road...
...making our way to Las Vegas.
We hadn't originally planned on another trip to Las Vegas on our return trip to Oregon, but in November, we heard from some friends from our hometown of Grants Pass, Oregon.  They are living in Vegas now, so we made another Vegas trip to see Tim and Ardee.

Friday we met them down on The Strip, and walked and walked... went up and back down... and walked and walked.  If you've walked The Strip you know what I'm talking about.  Really, we had so much catching up to do, that we didn't see much of anything... we just walked and talked and walked and talked.

but we did stop long enough to enjoy some lunch and a beer at the Harley Davidson Café.

Now it is Tuesday and we have done lots more... and have more to do...
but I will continue on Las Vegas in next post!


  1. What did Harry & Jeff sing? I want to be able to picture Jeff singing whatever...lol

    If you need a place to walk, talk and drink Vegas is definitely the place. Better not sure too much, you what they say...What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  2. We visited Cave Creek when we wee in the area a couple of years ago, neat little town.
    We are still stuck in Texas.
    Safe travels

  3. We had a fantastic 6 weeks in Vegas. Enjoy!

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