Thursday, January 16, 2014


In prior visits, we've had some luck playing the casinos in Vegas.  But this time I must say...
"The money we played in Vegas... Stayed in Vegas."

 Fortunately there are other things to do in Vegas besides gambling!
When we were here 2 years ago, we visited Pawn Stars.
This time we visited "Counts Kustoms"
Danny "The Count" and his crew have their own show "Counting Cars" on History channel.
I'm more familiar with Danny and his work from his appearances on Pawn Stars.

Many bike builds and car or truck builds are on display in the museum/store
Nothing on display is "ordinary"
There are some very unique (or strange) builds.

 The guys were in the shop working, but we weren't allowed in...
they have the area surrounding the bay door roped off.

We thought we would visit Pawn Stars again... but our minds were changed by the very long line out the door waiting their turn to get in.  Lines just aren't our thing.  So we kept driving.

Old Las Vegas
Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street is fun to walk...
without the crazy crowds on the New Las Vegas Strip.
From the Fremont District, we drove over to Tim and Ardee's place in North Vegas.
Ardee fixed us an incredible dinner of Lasagne and Salad.
AND I got my doggie fix!  

We've known Ardee and Tim for years, back when we all lived in Southern Oregon.
Jeff and Tim rode together in a club, and Ardee and I worked together,
then later we also enjoyed riding together. 

 The next evening we had them over to our place so we could show off  "wheel life" (and so we didn't have to drive in Vegas traffic again).  I served Pizza Hut!  Then we watched a new Redbox movie "Prisoners"... it was a long movie and I was doubtful about it at first, but it ended up being good.  And I had one of the doggie's snuggled up with me... and everything's better with a doggie to snuggle with!  I think it may be getting ready to get a doggie of my own again.

So that was Vegas.  We had a good time... but we were ready to move on.

We left this morning and drove 245 miles to a PA park near Mojave, California off Hwy 58.  Tomorrow we will drive through Bakersfield and get on I-5 which will soon take us back to Oregon!

Hope all our blogger friends are well...  Thank you for reading. 
We would appreciate your comments as well.


  1. Looks like you had a grand time in Vegas. I see you found Elvis!! Been quite a few years since we have been there and never in the RV. Wishing you safe travels and hope the weather holds out until you make it home. Not much snow in the mountains right now.

  2. We had the best time on Fremont street at night. The light show is awesome.

    Was the the home-made Pizza Hut? LOL

  3. We like Fremont St also. I try to keep my money in my pocket when we are there.

  4. Always great fun to meet up with friends. I love visiting other people's dogs. Makes enjoying dogs so much nicer. As a matter of fact, we went to buy dog treats yesterday in preparation for our next stop. I have three dog friends that come daily to visit for treats.

    Love OR!! Travel safely!

  5. Next time you need to see Rick's Restorations as well.

  6. Love the old neon, since I don't drink or gamble that's what I'll be wanting to see when we pass through Las Vegas someday.

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