Monday, November 29, 2010

Sellin Christmas Trees!!

We managed to get our lot going!  We opened Friday morning, as planned... but we also got our first load of Trees Friday morning.  We had a full crew here at 8:00 Friday morning.  They unloaded, cut and drilled and stood about 100 trees..  and we opened at 11:00.   It was a cold and busy day.

We worked another very long day on Saturday and Sunday, but today has been SO much better!  We have hardly had any customers, so I was able to get some stuff done in the trailer.  Our counter was loaded with dirty dishes!  It has never been like that before.

Its 6:30 now, and I thought it may pick up after people got off work, but its not too busy... yet anyway.
so Im sitting here in my sales booth doing my blog!  It was very warm yesterday, we even had the air conditioner on during the night.  Today it was 86!  This isnt exactly the holiday weather we are use to.

Jeff has flocked about 10 trees and they are selling like crazy!


  1. this an example of "Meet the Flockers"

  2. You two look like you have a super set up. Back home in Ohio they should pick up the idea of the tent. People stand out in feet of snow selling trees. Keep on keeping on...make all those BIG BUCKS!

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