Sunday, September 15, 2013

Erie, PA and Niagara Falls!

I feel like we are experiencing things so fast that I'm losing track of where we've been as soon as we move on.  It's all very exciting and new!  I don't want to miss posting on a place... so I better get something posted before I have even more to share.

Our stay at Erie, PA was the place I was to post about next.
The best part about our time there was Presque Isle SP...
which is a 6 mile long Peninsula into Lake Erie and forming Presque Isle Bay. 

The RV park we stayed at was at the entrance to the Peninsula/SP... so we were able to ride our bicycles from our site to the bicycle trail, where we rode the entire Peninsula on the 13.5 mile bike trail. 

It was amazing!  There was plenty to see along the way, and with history to tell.
so we made many stops along the trail.
It was also amazingly exhausting!  It a very humid day in the 80's.
We aren't in great shape (we're working on it)
The last 3 miles I was really pushing myself, but we made it home.
We also did our other new favorite activity while there...
We put the Kayaks in Lake Erie!
 Actually, it was the bay we put the kayaks in... and even in the bay, the water got VERY rough when we got far out... in fact a wave came right over the top into Jeff's kayak.
Our arms definitely got a workout getting ourselves back to shore.

Here is the shore of Lake Erie (not the bay).  Them's some waves for a Lake!
So that was our stay at Erie, Pennsylvania.
Next up was NEW YORK!  and NIAGARA FALLS!!
I've wanted to see Niagara Falls for a long time...
but just as exciting, was that we were going to meet up with RV friends, Steve & Roberta.
We met in January 2012 in Southern California. 
We traveled together for a bit, boondocking near Yuma, AZ and goint into Mexico together.
It was SO good to see them again!
We met up at Cinderella campground, where we all stayed 2 nights.
It was so awesome... they had been in the area a few days, so they had already been to the falls and knew their way around... so for 2 days they did the driving and gave us a tour! 
We went to Niagara Falls, New York, the afternoon we arrived.
Those are some incredible Water Falls!
Friday we went to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side...
Now THAT was Wow Incredible!
The view from the Canada side is just a lot better... same falls, just a different view.
Now we've done it... We've seen Niagara Falls!
The next day we parted ways, but headed in the same direction (sort of)
We both travel without a whole lot of planning, and like to be free to change our route.
We will meet up again on our way to Maine,
but for now, they went to Alexandria Bay and we are in Saratoga Springs.
We will both be in Vermont, tomorrow!
Vermont is another place I have wanted to see for a long time.
I'll be sure to get pictures!


  1. I was excited to see that you're in our area (we live just south of Saratoga). I just started reading your blog after hearing that you had mentioned my brother (the Cliff of Cliff and Patty that you met in Ohio). Enjoy Saratoga and Vermont - we're not at good leaf-peeping season yet and the rain may prevent the colors from being as vibrant as they usually are, but this area is beautiful any time of the year.

  2. We have been to Lake Erie many always seems to be ruff. Don't you wear life jackets in the kayaks. Niagara Falls was really crowded when we were there. I would like to go back at a less busy time.

  3. I have to agree with guys should have life vests for the Kayaks!

    Lake Erie can be a "get sick quick" lake if you are prone to sea sickness. Been there, done that!

    Aren't the falls amazing!

    Enjoy & be safe

  4. So glad you got to see the best Erie has to offer! Most people don't know anything about the peninsula. Lake Erie is such a beautiful lake. If you have a moment, would you give me a little info on the campground. Since JOhn's family is still there, we stop when we come east but we usually stay outside the town. Did you have FHU? Looked like there was room for your length!? I would much rather stay down there than where we do. I guess we should have checked it out ourselves...duh!

    Niagara Falls is beautiful! I love your background!! Glad you had private tour guides:)

    Check out the Cabot Cheese factory in Vermont!! They have the BEST sample table I've ever seen. Also, don't miss Ben and Jerry's factory tour. It is actually worth the time. And, don't miss visiting a maple sugar farm. They are all over. We did that whole area the summer of 2010 and 2011 if you wanted to check our blog. We continued into Maine then the Maritimes.

  5. Don't know how far north you're headed into VT but if you hit the northeast area we're here for another week. Cabot, B&J's, Cold Hollow and Lake Champlain Chocolates are all located with in a mile of each other. Cabot & Lake Champlain Chocolate factories are located else where. Burlington area has some great microbreweries, Switchback is one of Dave's favorite-their season brown is out now. Temps down in the 30's tonight, stay warm.

  6. Just a tip, the shorter the kayak the harder it will be to maneuver in rougher water. We bought 10 footers last summer too and plan on renting long sea kayaks when we make it back up to Bayfield to do the sea caves on Lake Superior. The shorties are great for smaller lakes and rivers.

  7. I just realized everyone is nagging you about the life vests but not about wearing bike helmets! I got a nice jacket at a kayak store last summer that fit my shorter torso correctly. The cheaper one I had kept sliding up under my chin when sitting to paddle. Wayne's zipper also got caught in his beard. We love our new ones, I forget what they are, if you're interested email and I'll dig them out to check.

  8. I was hoping you stayed out at Sara's when you were in Erie. Wouldn't want to camp there in the summer but it's very quiet this time of year. And so nice to be able to hop on the bikes or just walk to Presque Isle. Looks like you had a great time!

  9. Those are truly beautiful pictures!!! w/hat a lot of water!!!

  10. I love the photo of you after the bike ride---too funny. Niagara Falls is big on my list to see, beautiful photos.

  11. Nice post with great details and pictures. I love that water falls and wish to visit there. niagara falls

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