Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lake Erie

We moved on from Sandusky on Sunday... but we stayed on Lake Erie. 
We traveled 120 miles East to Geneva-on-the-Lake... still in Ohio.
We drove through Cleveland, past the Home of the Cleveland Browns... that in a few hours would be packed with fans for their first NFL game of the Season.  Cleveland Browns vs Miami Dolphins.

We followed the directions to the Indian Creek Resort,
but were surprised to find ourselves in the middle of "The Strip" packed with motorcycles.
 It was like a mini-Sturgis.
Apparently is was their annual "Thunder on the Strip" rally.

It was a little stressful trying to get through these tight packed streets with a fifth-wheel.
Then we missed the park entrance because it wasn't well marked.
But once there... what a great site we had.
A beautiful pond out our back window...
and ducks to feed.
This Swan took off after Jeff... maybe because she wanted all the food.
but that was before I grabbed the camera.
Bring food... and they will come.

We had planned to stay just one night, and we were able to stay hooked up.
But our site was so nice, and because of the rally, we hadn't seen the "town"...
so we decided to stay a second night so we could ride the bikes into "the strip" and check things out.
The bicycle ride was enjoyable, and Lake Erie looked better than it had in Sandusky. 

But here is what we found on The Strip...

a big change from Sept 8th to Sept 9th!

It seems the whole area closed for the season. 
Even the pool and hot tub at the resort were closed for the season!
Despite there not being much to do... we were happy with our short stay.
Shortly after we arrived, a couple moved in next to us and it seemed we had a lot in common.

a younger couple... with kayaks, bicycles, and a Swivelwheel trailer with a motorcycle!
because of their South Dakota plates... I asked if they were full-timers.
Their answer?
"Yes... as of this morning!"
 Wow!  How exciting!  Day 1 full-timers!
Welcome Cliff and Patty to life as full-time RVers!
They had just sold their house in upstate New York, and this was their first stop.  They didn't even know where they were going from there.  That's even more exciting!
Patty is starting up a travel blog, so when she does I will announce it!

We said our good-bye's to our new fellow RVers, and got back on the road headed East.
We were headed for Niagara Falls, but we decided to stop in Erie, PA for a night.
One night has turned into two, but we will leave in the morning
for another short jaunt, into New York.
Next Post... fun activities in Erie, PA! 


  1. We have plans to stay at Geneva on the Lake too, looks like things will be quiet while we're there. Leaves are starting to change around here, 12 days and we're out of here.

  2. Gooooo Brownies!

    Love the black swan photo.

    If those two could pick any two people to meet their first day on the road, they pick a good couple. I am sure you two did a great job of getting them excited about their new journey.

    Safe travels.

  3. John is from Erie! Lived there til after high school. His sister, brother-in-law, and nephew and family still live there. I hope you got to the peninsula! Beautiful beaches along Lake Erie!

  4. How cool that you guys got to be a part of Cliff and Patty's first day as full-timers!! How lucky they were to have met you!!

  5. I bet you wished you had your bike for the weekend. We will be in Ohio today for a few days before heading to MI

  6. We were in Geneva by the Sea a few weeks ago. Wish we could have stayed for the bike rally but had to move on. You will be passing us some time this fall. Keep in touch maybe we can meet up somewhere.

  7. That was a great looking campground, too bad the area closed up on you! Like you I'm happy to hear there will be a new set of adventurous youngsters on the road full time, I'll watch for your link when they start their blog.

  8. I grew up in Erie. Look forward to seeing what you did! Hope you got to ride your bikes around the peninsula. After Labor Day is the best time to be there.

  9. Everyone is right about how lucky we were to have you guys be the first people we met in our new life. It was amazing how much we have in common and how much help you were. Not to mention the fact that I feel like we have "mentors" out there now who we are so comfortable with to reach out to and ask questions. We are very grateful for "thunder on the strip" since it caused you guys to stay an extra day. Everything happens for a reason....

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