Friday, September 27, 2013

Got Lobstah??

What has Jeff been talking about for the past year, every time we mentioned traveling to Maine?
Maine Lobster!
Steve and Jeff all excited about Dinner

We are staying on Mount Desert Island off the Coast of Maine.  We met up with our friends, Steve & Roberta here at the park.   So we've been having fun together.
Monday after a tour of Acadia NP, on our way home we turned in at a sign for Lobster to go. 

There were large pots boiling inside this shack, that we were sure had lobster in them.  They must have, because the lobster guy told our guys he would have some ready for us in about 20.

After some playing and admiring... the boys got down to business. 
I certainly wasn't doing it... and neither was Roberta!

Roberta and I share the same "feelings" about lobster.  We don't care much for eating them.

The day before, we stopped for a beer in Bar Harbor, and "enjoyed" some coastal appetizers.
The guys ordered Mussels and Calamari (squid).  Roberta agreed to try a Mussel... then Roberta agreed I would try a Mussel!
Steve selected the "perfect" Mussel for me... Roberta force fed me... I savored.
 We always have fun together... lots of laughter!

Where did Summer go? 
Our visit to Acadia National Park was COLD!  It was a cloudy day with a cold breeze.


Our Coastal Island Home for 5 Days


Bar Harbor 

More Roaming Around

I really think everything is better when the Sun is shining... and unfortunately we didn't get much any of that while we were here.  We haven't had the Kayaks in for more than a week.

We left Mt Desert Island this morning. And of course, the Sun was shining brilliantly!

We took the Coastal route South, and have landed near Brunswick, Maine.  This park wasn't the easiest to get too, so now that we're here.... we will stay 3 nights.  We can see some more Bay's and Harbor's while we're here AND put the Kayaks in.  And we can visit Brunswick and even make a trip to Portland from here. 

This will be our last stay in Maine.  From here we will go to Massachusetts.... or as Jeff says "Mattasutchets" (or something like that).

HAPPY TRAVELS ALL!   And Thanks for Following us!


  1. It was nice to meet you, briefly! I wish we could have had nicer weather for showed up today! Safe journeys.

  2. It was nice to meet you, briefly! I wish we could have had nicer weather for showed up today! Safe journeys.

  3. I love lobster, I would have helped just so I could eat those yummy fellows.

  4. Looks like it's time to head south. Looks like you are having a great time up that way. I love lobster.

  5. I've tried to leave comments but for some reason they don't post I hope this one does. Please drive safe and may God be with you. With much love and respect Lynn

  6. How can you not love lobster? I could eat it for all three of my square meals a day.

    It does look like you four had a wonderful time. That area is so beautiful. Hoping the weather corp orates for the rest of your Maine visit.

  7. Now that's a LOBSTER, for sure! Jeff should have a very happy meal (and not at McDonald's, either!)!! Nice to see you guys enjoying that area so much, even if it's a bit chilly. Fall colors should be coming along pretty soon, and that will be something to see!

  8. Just wanted to thank you for the comment and see what you were up to. I see you are in one of our favorite places, Acadia. But much later than we were there. You guys are moving fast. We left Acadia for Massachusetts or as someone told me Taxachusettes but their taxes go for some really good things I thought. Hope you are stopping in Cape Cod. I'll have to go back and see where all you've been. Might need to put them on my NEXT TIME list. I'd have been happy to eat both of your shares of those lobsters. YUM!!!


  9. I would eat lobster, if somebody got all the meat out for me :). Ha ha! Looks like you guys are having a blast!!

  10. Looks like you've enjoyed the best of ME, give me shrimp any day but Dave he's a lobstah man!! I'm liking the weather here than where you're at, 70's daytime and 50's at night and sunshine hope it last. Safe travels through MA

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