Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho To O-Hi-O We Go

Tuesday evening we landed at Camp Sandusky in Sandusky, Ohio.  We selected this park because it was a good deal with Passport America, and it seems to be a good park... Our site is comfortable, and probably because the kids are back in school... we almost have the park to ourselves!

Our drive to Sandusky was one of those stressful travel days for us.  Nothing went horribly wrong... we were just in unfamiliar territory.  We took Hwy 23 down, so as to avoid Detroit.  The road was fine, but my "Next Exit" book is only for Interstates... so I couldn't navigate Jeff to a big rig friendly fuel stop.  Two times we took an exit where it was posted that there was a station with diesel... but it turned out that we couldn't get in. 

The first time, we were on a small country road and having trouble finding a place to turn around.  Jeff finally concluded that I would have to stop traffic while he backed in to a driveway.  Fortunately, there wasn't a lot of traffic, and the 2 vehicles that I had to stop were not upset at all... in fact,  they were really friendly and helpful!.  Of course, they knew the area, so one of them showed Jeff to where he could more easily turn around.  The woman from the other car stood with me beside the road and we chatted about our travels.  How refreshing it was to run into those people after dealing with so many impatient crazy drivers we had experienced on the road that day.

Finally... in Dundee, MI we found a truck stop where we could get fuel and take a break!  We walked across the street to Great Lakes Eatery & Pub, and got some lunch, some relaxation, and some helpful trip advice.

The remainder of the day went well... although we got a little flustered dealing with the Ohio Turnpike Toll booths.  Toll roads are not something we commonly have on the West Coast, so it was unfamiliar... but we got it figured out.  We did start laughing at ourselves though... and thought perhaps our blog should more appropriately be named "Two Hicks and an RV".


We left our wonderful free site at the casino in St. Ignace on Sunday morning.  We had decided to stay until after the Holiday... but on Saturday we were unhappily surprised to find out that our site was reserved!  Something we were told wasn't possible when we checked in.  Apparently, the gal that checked us in was new and knew NOTHING!

Fortunately, after being told by the manager at the check-in counter that there were NO available sites... a more friendly employee found that not to be true, and allowed us to stay Saturday night.

So we had one more day to get the kayaks put in, and visit the Huron boardwalk.

After some lunch at the Boardwalk, we set out to find that place to put the kayaks in, where we could paddle out to the Mackinac bridge.

 We found it!

I was questioning why there were no other kayaks or boats out on the lake... was there something we didn't know?  after all, we didn't ask!
The water got a lot more rough the further out we got.
We paddled out to very close to the bridge, but not close enough to cross under it.
The wind had picked up and when we looked back at the truck (which we could not see!)
we decided to head back.
It was one more great kayaking experience! 
and a great way to spend our remaining time in St. Ignace. 

So we left St. Ignace on Sunday...
  not sure where we were going, since it was still the busy holiday weekend.

We had $30 free play for Odawa Casino in Petoskey, Michigan.  So I called to see if they had overnight RV parking.  The answer was "Yes" and it turned out to be a great place to spend another free night.    

  Next overnight destination we were looking for a place around Saginaw.  

I found Saganing Eagles Landing Casino with FHU RV parking for $15.

Our site was comfortable, but the casino was the worst we've ever been to.  

That catches us up to our present "home" in Sandusky, Ohio.

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of exciting things to tell about our stay here. 

We did have some work done on the truck.

 We had been thinking that we were hearing something at the passenger side front wheel, and were concerned that it may be a wheel bearing.

We were fortunate to stop by this tire shop at a slow time, so they were able to get right to it.
It did, in fact, have a bad wheel bearing.  So we're real thankful we had it checked out.

It would be 2-3 hours, so they suggested the Old Dutch Tavern, within walking distance, as a good place to spend the wait.  They said they have the best burgers.  Their burgers were in fact good... but even better was the company. 
This was clearly the place "where the locals go".  The owners were a friendly, fun couple, and Larry even gave us a ride back to the shop to pick up the truck.

We enjoyed our time so much we went back again!

We even had more fun this last visit!
If you're ever in Sandusky, stop by Old Dutch Tavern!

As for the rest of our time here...
We had thought we would put the kayaks in Lake Erie... but Lake Erie or the beaches or waterfront that we found, wasn't at all like what we found at the other Great Lakes.

We had also planned to visit Amish country while we were here.  But guess what??  Amish country is about 100 miles from here.  Apparently... the Berlin we had heard about is NOT the Berlin a few miles from here.  I'm just glad I figured that out before we got to the wrong Berlin and started asking where the buggies were!

So we thought we would check out Cedar Point Amusement Park...  
Years ago I thought it would be great fun.  They have the biggest Roller Coaster's!

BUT... we found it was closed the days we were here.
No big deal... we just wanted to look. 
I don't think I could handle the roller coasters now.

 So what else did we find to do?

We visited Mad River Harley Davidson, the Sandusky dealership.

We are glad to be moving on to new places in the morning!


  1. Good that you caught the bearing before it caused you more trouble. The big Amish area is around Walnut Creek, OH. We have been there many times. Love the area. Safe travels..

  2. My guess on the kayaks at St. Ignace would be that it's getting colder now and the wake in that area is pretty crazy from all the catamaran shuttles so perhaps people just avoid it. There's probably some secret spot we don't know about! :) We enjoyed our stroll down the Huron Boardwalk too, and it came with free parking, always a plus. We like the sand beaches in Michigan on Lake Michigan and the Lake Superior shoreline the best so far. We're contemplating swinging up into Canada one of these summers to see more of Lake Superior. But next year I'm hoping it will be a ferry ride to Isle Royale from MN's side! We've also been to Cedar Point when the kids were small, great memories.

  3. Thanks for catching us up on your travels! Enjoyed reading :).

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