Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to New Mexico

After 2 months in Texas, we are making the trek back into New Mexico.  Our Texas experience was a good one.  We both enjoyed it very much... even Jeff, who always told me he had no interest in going to Texas.  Jeff was a long haul truck driver... he drove alot of roads and saw alot of places, but he is finally realizing that it doesn't matter if he hated it then.  Together, taking our time, living it in our wheel home... is a totally different experience... and so far, always a good one.

We stayed last night at a little no-frills RV park along I-10 out of Junction, TX.  The drive today has been beautiful.  Blue Skies again!  And we gain an hour today!

We were in Roswell, NM at Bottomless Lakes SP, when we got the phone call to go manage a Christmas Tree Lot in  San Antonio.  Our first destination on our come-back is Carlsbad, NM - Brantley Lake SP.  To All you new RV blog followers, if you dont already know it... New Mexico has an Annual Camping Pass that can be purchased for $225 (or less if you meet the criteria), and with that pass you can stay at any of the NM State Campgrounds for $4 a night for an electric site, or FREE with no electric site.  It's certainly been worth it for us.  We've stayed at 10 of their parks... Brantley lake will be our 11th.  Our permit is good until the end of May, so we plan to take advantage of it and enjoy a stay at a few more.

Check back and see how we are enjoying this one!

Welcome to all our new followers!  It's encouraging to know that someone is looking!  Hopefully you enjoy our blog as much as we are enjoying other Full-Timers blogs.  What a great way to learn about places that we may want to go next... or not!

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