Sunday, January 9, 2011

Texas Island Life

Saturday Evening
The clouds rolled in today, along with the wind, and even a few rain drops tonight.   Jeff was actually ready for a relaxing day, after the days of bicycle rides and beach walks... but he didnt get off that easy.  We drove to Port Aransas, then before dark we took another bicycle ride on the beach. 

Sunday Morning
Wow!  What a storm we had early this morning!  We were woke at 4am to loud thunder with huge lightning strikes and pounding sheets of rain.  Then we both jumped up as we heard the sound of pouring water in the bathroom.  Apparently the ceiling vent was not completely closed... the floor was soaked, and rain was pouring through the vent. Even after we closed the vent, water appeared to still be coming in, so we panicked a bit... but after wiping up the water all around the vent opening, we realized it was not new water still coming in... WHEW!!

Sunday Evening
Maybe I will actually complete this post this time.  We've settled in for the evening... but that doesn't mean I won't get distracted again.  I've posted a slideshow with lots of photos of our time here.  Like all our slideshows on the right side of the blog, if you click on them you will be taken to the online folder of our pictures.  If the slideshow is gone, when you are reading this post, here is the link:
Mustang Island Photos

We are thoroughly enjoying our stay here.  The storm last night shook us up a bit, but today was beautiful again.  We went for another walk on the beach, then late afternoon before the sun went down, we went for a bicycle ride on the beach.

Friday we rode the bicycles into "town" to return a movie. On the trip back, we took one of the beach access roads and road the remaining 3 miles back on the beach.   The total trip was 11 miles... pretty good for us.
We found a boogie board beside the road, so we strapped it on and took it with us.

Checking out a souvenier shop while there... Jeff found a sweatshirt.

After our bicycle ride on Friday, I put together a salad, Jeff loaded up the chairs, and we drove down onto the beach to relax in the sun and make a fire.  We just had WAY too much fun!

If you look very hard, you can see that I am holding a hot dog in the fire... the very hot fire.

A few more beach pictures:


the road from the campground to the beach

remains of the oil spill

a few of our favorite beach finds

oops... getting a little wet


  1. This looks like so much fun, I almost forgot what sunshine looked like! We've been snowed in with a blizzard for the last two days, so these pictures are refreshing. You have some great shots!

  2. So good to see you two having such a wonderful! I LOVE the picture of you two on the beach with the reflection of the fire. It could be a poster advertising the area. Hope you have a wonderful, warm time.

  3. Mustang Island looks like a good place to be!!

  4. The campfire pic of the two of you is "picture-postcard" beautiful.


  5. Looks like your having so much fun. The fire does make it look like your totally mesmerized.
    Jeff is doing a great job with his wheelie.
    Love the beach pictures also.
    Miss you two.

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