Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here at Sunny Brantley Lake SP

So much Sun... So much Fun.  It may not look like Im having fun... but I am.  We had to spend some time just soaking in the warm sun... it was awesome.  But we also enjoyed a good walk and a great bicycle ride on the trails here.  Yesterday, we rode the bicycles on the road to the visitor center (which was closed, but how are we suppose to know its a holiday... we're full-timer RVers.)  But today we took the trails and it was great!  It felt like we were really mountain biking! 

The lake is a bit of a walk, but it is a good looking lake.  Jeff has tried some fishing, but no luck.

This is our site... it's very spacious.

Half of Brantley Lake Campground is Reservations, the other half is First Come.  At all their parks, we have always found a spot in their First Come.  But here... although there were many available, we didnt like any of them.  Its not that we didn't try...  when we got here, we pulled into 3 different sites on the "First Come" side before we gave up.  They were too cramped, and now it was getting dark.  So we went over to the Reservations side, where there were only 3 other campers, and chose a site that was available, then reserved it for 10 nights.  It wasnt really that simple, once we got over to the Reservations side, but for sake of time and words... Im leaving it at that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We went into Carlsbad today, after our morning ritual... of coffee (while Jeff watches news and Sheryl watches Joyce Meyer)... a light breakfast... and a walk.  It was grocery shopping day.  It looked to be a calm day when we left, and we weren't aware of a forecast for wind, but there was, and it came while we were gone.  We had left the awning out... but thankfully the arms on our awning flex, so it hadnt torn.  However, Jeff's flag pole had broke at one of the connections.  I can't tell you how many transformations Jeff's flags have been through, trying to find the perfect pole and set up for hanging his flag or flags... or how much money we have put out for this.  But perhaps I should have a separate category in our budget for "Jeffs Flag Project".  It started with my broom stick, a year ago.  Maybe he should have stuck with that.  Oh thats right... I needed my broom.
Oh well... Jeff likes his flags... and I like Jeff!  I love my husband.  God blessed me with a good one.


  1. Looks like a great place to be,sitting here watching it snow yuck

  2. I can feel the sunshine on my skin and the vit. D in my body increasing as I look at your pictures! Ed and I just booked our tickets for our romantic anniversary get-away in Hawaii! We are going the first week of March. It will be 20 years this spring-I'm super excited! Yahoo!

  3. Great pictures, and very good spot.


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